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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1368

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1368

As soon as Granny Quinn left, Hunter, too, started jeering and taunting Malcolm. “See? I already told you that Luna, who you constantly put on a pedestal, is just as shallow as the rest of the women from the outside world!

“You insist that she’s different, but you’ve been proven wrong. She doesn’t want to hold up to her end of the promise after your accident. I pity you, Malcolm! “

Malcolm gripped the armrests of his wheelchair so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

After Hunter left, Malcolm released his grip on the armrests, closed his eyes, and said in a voice as gentle as always, “Take me back to my room, Luna. “

Luna wheeled Malcolm away with a complicated feeling in her heart.

God had posed a challenging question for her…

If Malcolm had not gotten into his accident, then maybe she would have had other ways of repaying her debt to him and the Quinn family, but since he was disabled, everyone would think that her refusal to marry him was due to her disgust and contempt toward him, no matter what she said.

If she and Joshua had not gotten past their differences and made up, then even if Malcolm were disabled, she would still marry him without a second thought.

After all, it did not matter whom she spent the rest of her life with since she did not believe in love anymore.

However, her heart belonged to someone else… Luna wheeled Malcolm back to his villa, feeling conflicted.

Malcolm was probably still upset about what Granny Quinn and Hunter had said during breakfast, so as soon as they arrived back home, he disappeared into his room to rest.

Luna sat on the sofa in the living room and spent her time either flipping through Malcolm’s medical report or sighing as she stared off into the distance.

The servants noticed how agitated she was and volunteered to turn on the television for her. “Here, Ms. Luna. Maybe watching some TV will help.“

Luna nodded and absent-mindedly watched the TV screen.

To her surprise—

When the servants turned on the TV, the first thing she saw was Joshua’s face on the day’s news.

He was wearing a black trench coat and black sunglasses, looking cold, arrogant, and domineering.

The reporters approached him and asked numerous questions.

“Mr. Lynch, we heard that you bought out some of the mid-sized businesses in Merchant City and cut off the Landry family’s supply chain in pharmaceutical and fragrance production! “

“Are you here in Merchant City to fight for resources with your nemesis, the Landry and Quinn families, or are you here for another purpose?“

Joshua took off his sunglasses coldly and stared at the camera with an impassive look. “The reason I came to Merchant City is because of a woman. As for anything else, I’m sorry, but I can’t say.”

With that, he strode away, followed by a frantic- looking Lucas, who was lugging his suitcase along.

“According to insider reports, the wealthiest man in Banyan City, Joshua Lynch, left Banyan City and arrived in Merchant City this morning. His sudden arrival has stirred up chaos and led to more than half of the mid -sized businesses in Merchant City being bought out…“

“Apparently, Joshua Lynch’s purpose for visiting Merchant City is a woman. What kind of woman would make a man as powerful as Joshua Lynch willing to come all the way here?

“Our reporters will continue to follow up on this breaking news…“

Sitting on the sofa, Luna clutched the remote control tightly as she stared intently at the TV screen.

A surge of warmth spread through her heart.

She could not believe that Joshua had come all the way to Merchant City for her.

Even though she had already told him not to worry about her, he still came.

Tears slid soundlessly down her face as warmth continued to spread through her heart.

Luna grabbed a notepad and pencil and recorded the phone numbers of the companies that Joshua had bought out.

She wanted to see him—immediately!

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