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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1363

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1363

Joshua’s expression darkened as he gripped the badge tightly in his hand.

The Landry family.

If he remembered correctly, the boy who had spoken up at Adrian’s share-reallocation ceremony was none other than Jim Landry’s son!

Jim Landry had already been in Banyan City for a while, but during this time, he did not contact Aura at all, nor did he do anything bad to the Lynch family.

Because of this, Joshua had thought that Jim was simply here to find the woman he wanted, as he claimed.


Not only did the Landry family kill Granny Lynch, but they were taking it a step further and kidnapped Luna!

Joshua gazed at the distance with a cold expression. “ Lucas, prep the private plane. We’re going to Merchant City in Y Country! “

Lucas paused for a moment, then approached Joshua and said in a low voice, “Sir, are you…sure you want to go to Merchant City by yourself?

“Merchant City is the Landry family and the Quinn family’s territory. Because of your Granny’s instructions, Lynch Group has never extended their business into Merchant City. I’m afraid that if you go there without warning…“

Joshua narrowed his eyes. ”Just because Merchant City is their territory doesn’t mean everything belongs to them, does it?”

Joshua continued coldly as he turned to get into the car, ” Since the Landrys were so bold as to lay their hands on Luna, then I’ll go to Merchant City to take her back, no matter whose territory it belongs to.”

The aura that Joshua gave off was so powerful and domineering that Lucas felt a little suffocated. He quickly nodded and said, ”Yes, Sir.”

Joshua regained his composure and turned to get into the car. However, instead of going home, he headed to Granny Lynch’s graveyard.

”Granny, ” Joshua said in a low, cold voice as he stared at the black-and-white picture of Granny Lynch on her tombstone. ”You told me that after the Landrys killed your daughter, you, too , took their son’s life in revenge. After that, they poisoned you, and you chased them out of Banyan City…

”The vengeance between you and the Landry family shou1d’ve ended a long time ago, and you told me not to seek revenge nor cause trouble for them in the future.

”I’ve always stuck to my promise and avoided getting into any conflict with the Landry family, but now, not only did they help Aura kill you…they even kidnapped Luna.

”I refuse to sit by and tolerate this any longer.”

Joshua lifted his head to stare at Granny’s face. ”I ‘m heading to Merchant City tomorrow. No matter what happens, I’ll avenge Luna and you! “

As soon as he finished swearing, Joshua let out an exhale and turned to leave.

Before he could go far, however, he suddenly noticed a bouquet of white flowers placed in front of Granny’s tombstone. The petals were still dripping with water.

This meant that whoever put this here had not been gone for very long.

Joshua furrowed his brows and glanced all around him, then finally placed the flowers closer to Granny’s tombstone and left.

After Joshua’s car left, Harvey, who had been hiding in a corner, let out a sigh of relief and came out from his hiding spot.

That man was terrifying!

The look in his eyes while he was glancing around was so frightening that Harvey almost accidentally revealed himself.

“That man was too scary.“ He patted his chest in relief and glanced at his father, who was sitting in a corner, scrolling on his phone. “Daddy, why are you so calm? Aren’t you afraid of being discovered?“

Jim put down his phone and lifted his head to glance impassively at Harvey. “I’m just here to pay respects to his grandmother, not raid her tomb, so why would I be scared of being discovered?“

Harvey rolled his eyes in exasperation and questioned while walking out of the graveyard, “But Daddy, I heard Granny say that this Granny Lynch is a cruel, deceitful woman. Why are you risking your life to pay her respects after she died?”

Jim strode in front of his son and replied,  ”No matter how cruel or deceitful she was, do you think she’ll crawl out of her grave to strangle you?”

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