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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1358

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1358

Inside the house, Ms. Jennifer kneeled on the ground with her head lowered, not daring to look straight at Bonnie.

Bonnie bit her lip. “How can you not know? You were the one who took my child from me. You said that the child’s father forced you to take him away!

“How dare you feign innocence with me now and pretend not to remember? Do you think I’m that nalve?“

Bonnie bit down on her lip, glanced at Ms. Jennifer’s dislocated arms, and gave her a kick on her thigh. “ Why did you behave so submissively in front of that man just now but pretend to know nothing in front of me? Do you honestly think I won’t do anything to you?“

As soon as Bonnie’s high-heeled feet struck her thigh, Ms. Jennifer was in so much pain that tears sprang into her eyes. Both her arms were dislocated, and she was still tied up, so there was nothing she could do apart from begging for mercy. “Ms. Craig, I really have no idea! You should know that people in this industry have to destroy all evidence of every business transaction as soon as it’s completed. I couldn’t possibly have kept the buyer’s information for six years! “

Bonnie did not want to hear this at all. She landed another kick so hard that Ms. Jennifer gave in immediately. “Ms. Craig, I really can’t remember… The only thing I remember…is that the buyer is from

abroad! He’s from Merchant City, the capital of Y Country.“

Bonnie narrowed her eyes and gave Ms. Jennifer one final kick.

This time, Ms. Jennifer had no other information to provide, so all she could do was beg for mercy.

It was clear this was all she knew.

Bonnie rubbed her brows in exasperation.

The buyer was from Merchant City, the capital of Y Country.

Even though any information was better than none… Merchant City was still a big place. Finding a six-year

-old child there would be no different from finding a needle in a haystack.

As soon as she thought of this, Bonnie could not stop herself from giving Ms. Jennifer another hard

This time, Ms. Jennifer did not say anything and instead just wailed in agony.

Seeing how frustrated Bonnie was, Luna let out a sigh and stopped her. “That’s enough.“

They were here to track down the buyer, not to beat up someone.

Besides, according to how greedy and power-hungry people like Ms. Jennifer were, she would definitely try to use this against Bonnie if she beat her up or injured her.

If that happened, Bonnie would have an even harder time trying to get rid of her, and chaos would ensue.

As soon as she heard Luna’s words, Bonnie could not help giving Ms. Jennifer another cold glare before finally leaving.

The moment they stepped out of the house, the two of them realized that the black Kayenne was still parked in the yard.

Seeing that they had come out, Jim pushed the door open and gracefully got out of the driver’s seat. “My ladies.“

Bonnie rolled her eyes at him in indignation. “Why are you still here?“

“Don’t worry; I wasn’t here to eavesdrop on your involvement in human trafficking on purpose.“

“You! “ Bonnie glowered at him. “What right do you have to comment on this?“

No matter how poor she had once been, she would never sell her own children! If it were not for the fact that she had been weak postpartum and that Jason and Ms. Jennifer had snatched the child away from her, she would not have let him leave her side!

“Well, you’re right. I can’t understand why some people would be so shameless as to sell their own children to gain money, so I have no right to comment on this at all.“ Jim scoffed. “But I’m not here to argue with you on that.“

With that, he turned to look at Luna. “I have something to talk to you about.“

Luna clutched Bonnie’s hand in hers and tried to suppress Bonnie’s rage. “If you want to ask me about the woman in the photo again, sir, then

unfortunately, I can’t help you.”

Jim chuckled. ”I’ve already found out the identity of the woman in the photo.”

He stared impassively at Luna and said, ”I just wanted to ask you one thing: You were involved in Alice Gibson’s suicide with Joshua, right?”

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