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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1354

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1354

As soon as she heard the words, ‘recover memory,’ Bonnie paused and lowered her head. “Recovering one’s memories…is it really a good thing?”

Luna nodded. “At least it will be, for Neil.”

After he lost his memories, Neil had always felt like an outsider despite having returned to their side. He no longer dared to joke around with Nellie like before, nor did he nag Nigel to put down his laptop and take care of himself like he used to.

Every time Luna saw how careful Neil became around his brother and sister, she felt her chest tighten and hurt. If it were not for her and Joshua’s mistake…this would not have happened.

This time, if the specialists that Joshua found could truly recover Neil’s lost memories…

Then even if he could not return to the cheerful, carefree boy he once was, he would not have to keep a distance from his brother and sister anymore.

The glimmer in Bonnie’s eyes faded when she heard this. “You’re right. Children’s memories—even if lost—are always happy ones, so it’ll be good to… regain those memories.”

Luna pursed her lips slightly when she heard how crestfallen Bonnie sounded.

Luna had been on Bay Bridge, too, the day Aura announced that Bonnie had once given birth. Even though Luna had been trying to comfort Bonnie not to take this shocking news to heart, they all knew that this was not a lie.

Aura would never have lied about this under those circumstances.

On top of that, Bonnie had indeed lost about a year of memory…

Luna clutched Bonnie’s hand, and the three of them went upstairs.

A few of the specialists were talking to Theo.

As the person who had been with Neil during his most challenging times, Theo had only one request for the specialists. “If you can’t guarantee that his memories will come back, then please don’t let him suffer through the process.“

Previously, when the specialists had conducted electroshock experiments to help regain subjects’ memories, it had indeed succeeded, but the test subjects underwent trauma during this process.

Theo was afraid that not only would Neil be unable to regain his memories, but he would be subjected to trauma as well…

This was too much for a six-year-old child, one who had just experienced psychological trauma of his own, to endure.

“But Mr. Theo…“ The leader of the specialist team let out a sigh and lifted his head to stare at Theo. “There will always be risks to undergoing treatment. We can’t give up on helping Neil regain his memories simply because of the risks and uncertainties.“

Theo immediately furrowed his brows upon hearing this.

He slapped his hand on the tabletop and snapped, “ You’re electrocuting people with amnesia to help them find their lost memories! If this electroshock treatment fails to help him regain his memories,

how do you expect a six-year-old child to face the consequences? Can’t you try it out on an adult first before you perform it on a child?“

The specialist was rendered speechless by this. “Mr. Theo, you have to know that there aren’t many people with amnesia in this world, much less those whose memories were wiped off using medication.

“We can’t even find a second person who lost their memories due to medication, so we— “

Theo scoffed. “Then there’s no way I’m allowing this! “

The specialist shot Joshua a somewhat helpless look.

Joshua frowned and contemplated this for a moment, then said, “I agree with Theo.“

Neil had already gone through too much, and he was slowly warming up to his family and healing from his trauma. If they subjected him to more turmoil… not only would it be unhelpful to him, but it would make him feel even worse about himself.

Seeing that Joshua, too, was unsupportive of this experiment, the specialist sighed and said, “Alright, then. We have no other choice.“ “What do you mean, you have no other choice?“ Bonnie stepped forward with a smile. “You have me.“

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