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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1352

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1352

As for the Landry family, Luna thought maybe it was just a coincidence and that Malcolm had never brought them up in front of her.

She should not have suspected him, the man who had saved her life, much less think that he had other intentions for instructing Lily to spy on her. Maybe he just cared too much about her…

Thinking this, Luna let out an exhale and turned off the phone. Then, she got up and asked Bonnie to send her home.

While on the way back to Orchard Manor, Luna took out her phone to check the news in order to keep her mind off her discovery.

The first thing she saw on the news was the fire at Blue Bay Villa the night before.

After that, the news portal showed photos of both Aura and Lily, while the news anchor reported in a calm tone, “According to what we know, the culprit behind this arson was none other than Joshua Lynch’s ex-fiancée, Aura Gibson.

“She set this fire out of anger that Joshua had gotten together with other women after their breakup.

Fortunately, apart from a servant named Lily who worked at Blue Bay Villa, no other people were injured…“

As soon as she saw the picture of Lily on her screen, Luna sniffed as tears started to stream down her face.

If it were not for Lily…

Luna could not imagine what kind of chaos would have ensued in the Lynch family.

Lily had told her that she was repaying Luna’s kindness for saving her life in the past, but Luna had never expected to receive repayment for that and simply wished for Lily to have a good life…

Meanwhile, inside Quinn Mansion on the other side of the world.

“What is she trying to do, if not to repay us?“

Granny Quinn smashed a cup onto the ground with a ruthless look in her eyes.

The cup broke into pieces upon contact with the ground, and some of the shattered porcelain stabbed right into the leg of the man kneeling on the floor.

Blood seeped out of the cuts, but the man remained on his knees as though he could not experience pain at all. “She’ll come back; I know her better than anyone.“

“You ‘know’ her? “ Granny Quinn scoffed and swept her cold glance over Malcolm’s face. “You promised me that she’d return as soon as she saved the child!

“What happened then? She managed to save the child, but she didn’t return!

“Now that the spy you planted by her side is dead, what are you going to use to prove to me that she’ll return?“

Seeing how angry Granny Quinn was, the second son of the Quinn family, Hunter, immediately

approached her and comforted her, saying, “Don’t get too mad, Granny. You’ll put your body under too much stress.“

“Hmph! “ Granny glared at Malcolm, who was still kneeling on the ground. “If I had known you’d be such a wimp, I wouldn’t have sent you to Banyan City to find her!

“This woman was supposed to be our tool to control and threaten the Landry family! “

Granny Quinn grew more and more outraged as she said this, and she smashed another cup onto the ground in anger. “You told me that letting her undergo plastic surgery would prevent the Landry family from recognizing her and that she could become a useful chess piece in our game…but now?

She’s now Joshua Lynch’s girlfriend!

“Is this your magnificent plan to regain the Quinn family’s power? Why don’t you say it’s a scheme to make the Lynch and Landry families work out their conflicts and come after us?! “

This time, the cup landed on Malcolm’s face so hard that the impact tipped his face to the other side.

Despite this, he still kneeled on the ground calmly, without a single trace of emotion on his face. “Please don’t get upset, Granny. My plan hasn’t failed yet. “Luna will return to my side. Don’t worry.“

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