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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1351

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1351

All the messages inside Lily’s phone were from Malcolm.

“What’s the situation with her and Joshua? I need an update.“

“Find an opportunity to force her back.“

“Have you earned Joshua’s trust? Why are you not replying?“

“If needed, proceed with Plan S.“

As soon as she saw the messages, Luna felt as if her heart was squeezed by an invisible hand. It made her uncomfortable.

It was apparent that this phone was used specifically for Lily and Malcolm to communicate. The messages started the moment Lily arrived in Banyan City, and it had not stopped since.

When Luna first started reading the texts, she thought that Malcolm’s intentions for contacting Lily were out of genuine concern.

However, later on…

The information that Malcolm asked from Lily became more and more detailed. From the beginning, it was about Luna’s working hours and the amount of time she saw Joshua. Later on, he wanted to know the amount of time she spent with her children and Joshua.

On top of that…

He even inquired how many times Luna went into Joshua’s room to conceive a baby to save Nigel, as well as the duration that she was in there, what time she left the following morning, and how she was doing when she left…

All the details were recorded and given accurately…

Malcolm used Lily for all-rounded surveillance on Luna. There were instances when the details that Malcolm wanted were too much and too intimate that Lily refused to give him. However, Malcolm would always bring up Lily’s brother, who was staying with the Quinn family. Therefore, Lily would always eventually give in, follow the instructions, and report every detail of Luna’s life.

Nevertheless, it had been two weeks since the last time Lily reported to Malcolm.

In the final report, Lily mentioned the Landry family. (Sir, the incident of Granny Lynch being poisoned is related to the Landry family. Since you’re so close to them, you could actually help, but why…]

Malcolm replied calmly, (All I care about is Luna. Whatever is going on in the Lynch family has nothing to do with me.]

When Luna read this message, it made her uneasy, not because Malcolm refused to help the Lynch family. After all, there was nothing wrong with what he said. All he cared about was her. It was fair for Malcolm to show no interest in the Lynch family.

What made Luna uncomfortable was…

Malcolm did not say anything to rebuke when Lily mentioned he was very close with the Landry family. This meant he indeed was very close with them.

Moreover, Luna had been best friends with Malcolm for the past six years, yet she had never heard him mention anything about the Landry family or what they were up to.

On the other hand, Lily, a maid in the Quinn family they had rescued, could easily bring up the relationship between Malcolm and the Landry family.

On top of that, in the conversation, Malcolm mentioned that there were ulterior motives for saving Luna and the children…

Luna felt a chill go down her spine. She suddenly realized that she did not know much about Malcolm at all…

Bonnie noticed Luna’s expression and knew that something was not right. “What’s wrong?“ she asked with a frown.

Luna quickly put the phone away and shook her head. “Nothing’s wrong.“

Luna thought maybe she was just overthinking. Malcolm could be just making conversation.

His rescuing her six years ago was nothing but a coincidence. How could there be other reasons behind it?

In fact, Malcolm ultimately tried his best to help her with the treatment and plastic surgery…and had even got into a dispute with Granny Quinn about her. How could she possibly question him?

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