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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1349

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1349

“Luna, why did you even want to come here so early in the morning?“ A red Ferrare pulled up next to the ruins of what was once Blue Bay Villa. Bonnie got out of the car and opened Luna’s door, complaining, “ It’s all burnt down now, so what’s there to look at? “

Luna, still pale, offered a faint smile and replied, “ Joshua said that the air here is still polluted from the smog, so he forbade Nellie, Neil, and Nigel to come over, but the three of them kept going on about wanting to retrieve some stuff from Blue Bay Villa. I had no choice but to come myself.“

Bonnie pursed her lips. “Is there even anything that was spared from the fire?“

Luna shrugged and chuckled. “We’ll bring home whatever we can find.“

With that, she lifted her head to glance at the remains of Blue Bay Villa. This had been a tall, towering building just the day before, but it was reduced to almost nothing. She could not help but lament this fact.

All of a sudden, Luna recalled Lily. A fresh, young life.

It was all because of Aura…

“Everything that remains here seems to belong to a woman, “ a clear, childish voice rang out next to Luna and Bonnie.

The two of them turned to look in the direction of the voice.

A young boy dressed in black was walking amongst the ruins, clutching a small bag with him. As he walked, he murmured to himself, “This might be a piece of useful evidence. I’ll have to take it to the police station later.“

Luna froze for a moment, then exchanged a glance with Bonnie.

This boy looked oddly familiar.

Bonnie furrowed her brows. She recognized this boy as the one who had been at the share -reallocation ceremony the day before, the one who claimed to be a young detective and provided evidence of Michael’s  involvement  in Granny  Lynch’s murder.

If she remembered correctly, she had found his jade pendant  and had been meaning to return it to him.

“Hey, pal, “ greeted Bonnie in a low voice as she approached him.

Harvey, who had been immersed in finding more pieces of evidence, gave a start when he heard her voice.

He immediately took a step back and braced himself in a defense position.

When he saw that it was Bonnie, he furrowed his brows and cocked his head to look at her. “Hello, pretty lady. What’s the matter?“

All of a sudden, he caught sight of Luna, who was standing behind Bonnie.

The color drained from his face. This was bad.

This woman was the owner of Blue Bay Villa. Even though the police and the firefighters had left, and the villa was no longer under police protection, he had still waltzed into someone else’s property and picked up their belongings…

Would he be beaten up for this?

As soon as he thought of this, Harvey quickly sprinted toward Luna and handed his bag to her. “

This is a gift for you! I found all these items, and they seemed to belong to a woman. I think she might be your relative or friend. Please take good care of them! “

With that, he ran off in the opposite direction.

Before he could make it far, however, Bonnie grabbed hold of his shirt collar and said, pursing her lips, “Hey, where are you running off to?“

Initially, she had wanted to return the jade pendant to him, so she caught him before he could get away.

But Harvey felt guilty over his actions and thought that Bonnie would give him a piece of her mind. The corners of his lips pulled down in a frown, and he immediately raised his voice. “Mr. Jim Landry! Your son is about to get sent to jail! Please come and help him! “

In the backyard a short distance away, Jim had put the photo of the woman into his pocket. As soon as he heard his son’s cries, he quickly made his way to Harvey.

At this moment, his mischievous son was being held by his collar by a woman dressed in red, wailing and crying for help.

The woman had a beautiful, dainty face and a smoking hot body.

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