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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1346

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1346

“As long as you’re still alive, you’ll be able to bear children for Joshua and live happily ever after!

That’s why…“

Aura narrowed her eyes and continued in a cold voice, “I’m willing to let all of them go, except you! “

Her biggest wish since young was to see Luna dead, and with no other way out, she had to kill Luna.

Otherwise, her life would have no meaning!

Just as Aura was about four or five meters away from Luna, the electricity went out with a snap.

The fire had probably spread to the villa’s control room, causing the main electricity circuit box to go out.

Despite that, the villa was still as bright as day.

The flames illuminated Aura’s face so brightly that it made her look grotesque.

Luna clutched the railing so tightly that her hands were starting to sweat. She bit down on her lip and said, “Aura, you and I are sisters. How did we even get to this point? I’ve treated you as my sister all my life.“

“Well, I never thought of you as mine! “ Aura snapped as she glowered at Luna. “I knew since young that you weren’t my real sister! “

Aura had an excellent memory from a young age. She remembered that one time, her sister got lost, and her father Joseph brought another young girl home,

claiming that it was her sister.

At that time, Aura had asked her mother Natasha what was going on, but Natasha gave her a spanking and told her not to speak of this any further, claiming that this new girl was her sister.

This memory burned in Aura’s brain up to this very day.

As they grew up, Luna became more and more outstanding, and Aura grew more and more envious of her.

When she enquired Joseph and Natasha about this, however, she found out that Luna had come from a wealthy, powerful family, and Aura’s real, biological sister had gone to live a comfortable life.

Luna was more eye-catching than her, and everyone seemed to be living a better life than her!

Aura started to detest Luna for this and loathed her for possessing such good genes. Even though she grew up in a poor family, Luna still managed to excel in life and even married such an outstanding man as Joshua Lynch!

She, on the other hand, had nothing… Aura hated Luna since she was a teenager.

As soon as she recalled the humiliation and insult she endured all through these years, Aura let out an exhale and stormed toward Luna, brandishing the scissors.

Luna ducked away deftly.

Aura did not expect that someone as physically exhausted as Luna would be able to dodge her attacks so deftly. Therefore, she grew even more enraged and started stabbing Luna from all directions.

Initially, Luna had planned to deplete Aura’s energy so that she could kick the scissors away from her and escape. In that case, Aura would not be able to hurt anyone even if she leaped off the balcony after Luna, considering she did not have her weapon with her anymore.

However, Luna never thought that Aura would become so insane, like a deranged person. She possessed strength that seemed to be limitless!

The heat from the fire and physical exhaustion made Luna so sweaty that it was as though she had been brought out of the ocean.

Even though she had dodged Aura’s attacks, she was still cut by the knife in various places over her body.

Luna’s energy was depleted minute by minute.

Finally, she leaned against the balcony in exhaustion, clutching the railing and gasping for breath. She wanted to jump off, but she did not even have the strength to propel her body over the railing anymore.

“Die, Luna! “ Aura raised the scissors above her and stabbed it into Luna’s abdomen.

Blood squirted out and sprayed everywhere.

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