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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1344

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1344

Lily let out an exhale, clenched her teeth, and said in a choked voice, “I know she’s always been a light sleeper and that she’s been too exhausted lately…so I gave her some sleep-inducing tea to drink before bed.

“If everything goes right, she’ll be asleep until tomorrow morning…“

Nigel’s entire body stiffened when he heard this. After a moment, he pursed his lips and let out an exhale. “Alright then, Zach and Yuri, plan B. We don’t need to wake Mommy; we’ll take her away right now! “

Yuri nodded. Then, as soon as he wrapped Luna up in a blanket, a smokey, burning stench wafted in from outside.

“It’s too late…“ Zach, who at this moment was looking out from the balcony, bit down on his lip with a pained expression. He stared at Aura, who was standing near the back door, brandishing a pair of hedge trimming scissors and forcing the butler, the servants, and the two children back into the house. “ She’s discovered them.“

Not only did Aura discover them trying to escape, but she even set the entire house on fire. Because of the gasoline she poured, the entire Blue Bay Villa had erupted into flames.

However, she used the scissors to force Nellie, Nigel, and the servants back into the burning house!

The smell of burning rubber was incredibly pungent, and it finally woke Luna.

As soon as she felt the high temperature and strange odor in the room, she immediately knew what had happened.

When she opened her eyes, the first thing she heard was Zach saying, “It’s too late…“

What did he mean, it was too late? What was too late?

Luna furrowed her brows and immediately stormed onto the balcony.

She was devastated by the scene before her.

Aura was brandishing a weapon and forcing the rest of the people back into the burning building! As she did this, she cackled, “You won’t escape this today! “

“Luna and her three children—as well as the unborn baby in her womb—will all have to die! “

Luna bit down on her lip as she stood on the balcony, staring at Aura in the distance.

She could not let Aura lure them back into the burning building.

Nellie and Nigel were children.

If they got any closer to the house…they would die of suffocation from the melted chemicals, if not burnt to death!

As soon as she thought of this, Luna let out an exhale and shouted, gripping the red -hot balcony railing, “Aura! I’m right here! “

Aura’s entire body stiffened when she heard this. she glanced in the direction of Luna’s voice.

Luna was standing on the balcony across from her in her sleep clothes.

Seeing that Aura had taken notice of her, Luna let out an exhale and curled her lips into a smirk. “Aura Gibson! You’re so useless that you only bully those that are weaker than you! No wonder you couldn’t compare to me at all while we were growing up!

“That’s because you never dared to attack me and instead constantly bullied the elderly and the young! “

Luna’s voice was laced with coldness and contempt. How could an already insane Aura possibly ignore these taunts?

She clutched the hedge trimming scissors tightly and tried to suppress the insanity in her as she screamed, “What are you saying?“

“What am I saying? “ Luna chuckled. “Do you think you’ll win by forcing them to their deaths? No, even after you kill them, I’ll jump off this balcony and get saved.

“The baby in my belly will be born, and I ‘ll still be Joshua’s love of his life. “You’ll never be able to kill me! Never! “

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