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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1342

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1342

“One for Nigel, one for me. “One for Neil, one for me. “One for Mommy, one for me. “And the last slice is for me…“

Neil, sitting in his wheelchair close by, watched his sister in amusement as his lips curved into a smile at the sight.

Nellie was indeed the one who had resembled Daddy the most among the three of them. She was just as intelligent as Joshua.

Luna returned home just as the three of them were playing.

As soon as she entered the door, Luna hid the tired expression on her face and smiled at the three children in the living room. “Why haven’t you gone to bed yet?“

Nellie pouted and proffered the plate of orange slices to her. “We’ve been waiting for you to come home.

“I was worried sick yesterday, but Daddy didn’t let me go with Aunty Bonnie to visit you in jail, so I didn’t want to sleep until you came home today! “

Luna took the plate from Nellie and was about to praise her when all of a sudden, Neil wheeled himself over and took the plate from her. “Get some rest.

Don’t eat anything before you go to sleep. Otherwise, you’ll be complaining about gaining weight soon.“

Luna let out a sigh when she saw how considerate Neil was. She reached out a hand to gently stroke Neil’s cheek and said, “All right then, thanks! “

Nellie pursed her lips slightly. “I can’t believe how nagging you are, even though you lost your memories.“

Neil furrowed his brows. “Did I used to nag like this all the time?“

“Of course! “ Nellie placed her hands on her lips and added, “Mommy said that she’d ask Daddy to help you regain your memories again as soon as he’s done dealing with everything. That way, you’ll find out just how much of a nag you were! “

Neil’s smile froze on his face. “It’s not like…nagging is a bad thing.“

“That’s right. I love it when you nag me like this.“ Luna pinched Neil’s nose lovingly.

She had wanted to spend some time with the children in the living room for a while longer, but she felt too exhausted for that.

Luna felt waves of sleepiness overcoming her body, so she instructed them to sleep early before turning to head upstairs.

When she heard the sound of the bedroom door closing, Nellie turned down the television volume in the living room.

She had been feeling a little sleepy as well, but after a while, she suddenly caught a whiff of something strange.

Thinking that there was something wrong with her nose, Nellie lifted her head to continue watching television.

“A female corpse was discovered in the woods on the outskirts of the city. The corpse was wearing clothes soaked in dirty water and died due to a knife injury in the chest. The murder weapon was believed to be a pair of hedge trimming scissors.

“All of her cash and identity was stolen, but thankfully, some of the residents nearby managed to recognize her. The victim’s name was Lilian Chase, a 27- year-old lady who worked as a florist. She was last seen driving a van with the license plate AXXX6 to Lynch Mansion in Banyan City for flower delivery. However, what happened after that was unknown, and the van is now nowhere to be found.

“The police are still investigating this incident…“

Nellie let out a yawn and glanced at Neil, who was staring out the window. “Neil, look: The lady on the news was killed today, and she was on her way to send flowers to Granny.“

Neil let out a murmur in reply and fixed his gaze on the van in their backyard, which should not have been here at this hour. “Hey, Nellie, do you remember the license plate of the female florist on the news?“

Nellie lifted her head to glance at the television screen. “It’s AXXX6. Why? What’s wrong?“

Neil immediately furrowed his brows. “Nigel, Nellie, look. The van downstairs right now seems to be the exact one that belongs to the dead florist.“

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