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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1330

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1330

“What nonsense! The autopsy report isn’t even done yet. Even if the results are out and there really isn’t any evidence, his mother just passed less than two days ago, but he’s already celebrating, just because he received Lynch Group’s shares. What a heartless person! “

Joshua sneered when he saw how outraged Bonnie was. “This is a man who instructed his son to kill his own mother… Do you think this kind of person has a heart at all?“

Luna, Bonnie, and Lucas widened their eyes in shock as soon as they heard this.

“Joshua…“ Luna pursed her lips and stared at Joshua. “Have…you decided?“

When they were in the police station, Luna had already heard Joshua wanting the coroner to compare Michael’s DNA with the blood on the bandage. She thought he was just suspicious, but with Joshua voicing it out loud…

“Yes, it’s mostly decided.“ Joshua closed his eyes and let out a bitter smile. “The material from the special bandage is rarely used among the common population.“

With that, he opened his eyes and commanded in a cold voice, “Lucas, just to be safe, track down the whereabouts of the special bandage that I asked you to buy from abroad.“


“Also, obtain the security footage in the hospital and find out where Michael was during the time of the incident.“

“Sure, “ answered Lucas with great confidence to Joshua’s request. Then, he turned and was about to leave when Joshua stopped him again. “Also, help me find out who Adrian and Michael have been hanging out with recently and where they usually meet.“

He had a feeling that according to Adrian and Michael’s intelligence, they would not have been able to plot such an intricate murder on their own, especially Michael.

When Aura had instructed him to cut the brake cables in the past, he had not even thought of wiping away his fingerprints.

This time, the murder was so intricately planned that if they had not performed the autopsy on Granny Lynch, they would not have been able to find any evidence. There must have been someone else working in the back that plotted this whole thing.

Lucas murmured in affirmation, then let out an exhale, got into the car, and left.

After Lucas left, Bonnie turned to glance at Joshua. “So, what’s your plan after this? As we speak, your father is now planning the company share reallocation meeting.“

Joshua smirked. “Then let him do as he pleases. If he wants to get his share with the people of Banyan City as witnesses, so be it… Let them see what kind of person he is.“

Granny Lynch had already passed away, so Joshua no longer needed to be considerate about anything.

Bonnie nodded. “All right, then. You guys should get ready. Since I’m invited as a guest, I’ll head over there first and see how much they have prepared. “

With that, Bonnie turned, got into her car, and left as well.

After she left, only Joshua and Luna were left outside the police station. At that moment, it was exactly 24 hours since Luna had been detained a day before.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that.“ Joshua sighed and pulled Luna into his arms.

Luna shook her head. “It isn’t any trouble. I’m here now, aren’t I?“

Even though her time in jail had indeed been a terrible experience, it was still manageable compared to Joshua, who had to deal with everyone’s doubts against his action.

Joshua nodded and hugged her even more tightly. “I have a question: You’re a murder suspect. Even with the amount of money Bonnie has, it’s still impossible for her to bail you out of prison just like that. How did you get out?“

Luna blushed but did not say anything in response.

Joshua could feel her face getting warm, and he slowly curled his lips into a smile. “One thing I do know is…a pregnant woman can be released on bail.“

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