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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1329

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1329

The coroner opened the door.

Joshua, who should have been the first one to get out of his chair, did not move at all.

However, his grip around Luna’s hand tightened.

Luna knew that he was emotional over the impending news, so she gently released his head.

She immediately stood up and asked the coroner in a soft voice, “How is it, doctor?“

The coroner removed his mask and let out an exhale. “Mr. Lynch, Ms. Luna, you took a big risk, but it was worth it.“

Luna’s entire face lit up when she heard this.

Joshua, who had been motionless in his chair, was relieved to hear this well. His furrowed brows immediately relaxed.

The coroner took out a description report and explained, “Because the object was removed from a dead body and, on top of that, was not in good condition at all, I can’t show you the artifact itself. You’ll have to look at this report instead.

“Mr. Lynch made a correct guess: When Ms. Lydia Hamilton was murdered, she swallowed a foreign object. According to the erosion of the object in her stomach, she was murdered less than a minute after she swallowed it.“

Luna immediately took the report from the coroner.

Joshua, too, stood up and fixed his gaze on the report.

The object that Granny Lynch had swallowed was a bloodstained bandage.

The doctors had already retrieved the DNA from the blood and confirmed that it did not belong to Granny Lynch.

This bandage…

Joshua felt the blood in his heart churn when he laid eyes on the report.

This bandage was made from a special material, so much so that only one person in Banyan City was using it.

Joshua still remembered that a few days ago, when h e beat Michael up after he had tried to assault Luna, Celia had gone to Granny Lynch, wailing, and requested that Joshua buy a special bandage from abroad that was made from an advanced material.

At that time, Joshua was too busy dealing with Luna and Aura, and on top of that, he did not want Granny to deal with such trivial matters like this, so he abided by Celia’s request and ordered the bandage that she wanted.

At that time, he had ordered plenty of it, but Michael still managed to use up all of them despite that.

Therefore, just a few days later, he ran out of the bandage.

When Celia approached Joshua to request more supply of bandages, she was rejected.

Because of this, Joshua remembered this particular bandage quite well. At this moment, while he stared a t the description of the bandage material on the report, he could not help but feel ironic about this turn of events.

Initially, he had abided by Celia’s request so that she would not pester Granny Lynch any further and decided to use his manpower and time to order this special bandage for Michael, but at this point…

This bandage had turned into the most crucial evidence in Granny’s murder after she ingested it.

Joshua remained silent for a long while, then finally lifted his head to glance at the coroner. “When will the DNA results of the blood come out?“

The coroner paused for a moment, then replied, “ It’ll take only half an hour.“

With that, he glanced at Luna and continued, “When that happens, we’ll compare the DNA from the blood to Ms. Luna’s. If it doesn’t match, this proves that there was a third person at the scene of the crime.“

Joshua paused. “Then can I suggest that we add another DNA into the comparison?“

The coroner thought about this for a moment. “Yes, of course. Whose DNA do you want to—“

“I want to add my brother, Michael Lynch’s DNA into the comparison.“

With that, Joshua bade farewell to the coroner and left the police station while holding Luna’s hand.

An hour ago, the police station had been bustling with activity from all the reporters gathered outside, but at this point, only Bonnie and Lucas remained.

Adrian and Michael had left with the reporters.

Bonnie approached Luna and Joshua as soon as she caught sight of them. “What happened?“

Before Luna could answer, Joshua furrowed his brows slightly. “Where’s Adrian and Michael?“

Bonnie grew outraged as soon as Joshua brought up their names. She let out a snort of indignation and said, “They’ve left along with the reporters to the press conference venue in the city center. They said they want to decorate the venue so that you can sign the contract for shares transferal when you get out of the police station.“

Bonnie grew more and more furious as she said this. “You didn’t even get to see the look on their faces! It’s like they already knew you wouldn’t be able to find any evidence, so they’ve decided to celebrate early!

“Adrian even said that he spent more than a hundred thousand dollars to decorate the venue and even prepared wine, champagne, and cake for the celebration. He even wanted to invite me—the third wealthiest person in Banyan City—to join the festivities…“

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