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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1323

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1323

The iron grille door slammed shut.

After being interrogated, Luna was forced to put on a prison jumpsuit and shoved into the women’s cell.

Luna slumped on the ground weakly and could not find the strength to stand up.

The cell was so dark that she could not make out anyone’s face at all.

“Hey, there’s a newbie.“ All of a sudden, a few taunting voices rang out from all around her.

“She looks young and quite pretty too! “

“Celia, come look at this. You’re finally not a newbie anymore.“

Luna’s entire body stiffened when she heard this familiar name.

She lifted her head and came face to face with Celia’s cold stare.

Celia was perched on one of the beds next to her, and she swept her cold gaze over Luna’s pale face. “ You’re in jail, too?“

Luna bit down on her lip but did not reply.

The woman standing in front of Luna glanced at Celia. “Do you know her?“

“Do I know her?“ Celia stood up and fixated her frosty gaze on Luna’s face. “I wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for her! She has a pretty face but a demon’s heart!

“It’s all because of her, her children, Joshua Lynch and Granny Lynch, that my family won’t be able to inherit the Lynch family fortune! “

As soon as they heard this, some of the inmates sneered at Luna, and some of them immediately walked over and placed their dirty hands all over her face.

“What a beautiful face. I wonder if it’ll be just as pretty with wounds and injuries all over it.“

“What are you in for, gorgeous?“

“Why don’t you help us clean the bathroom? If you refuse, you’ll have to lick the entire bathroom clean Luna, who had been slumped on the floor, propped herself up weakly when she heard the inmates’ taunts and jeers.

“Clean the bathroom? Alright, I’ll do it.“

Luna knew that she had no choice but to give in, especially in a place like this.

Joshua had said that he would take care of everything. Therefore, the only thing she could do was protect herself so that she would still be alive when they finally released her from prison.

Luna let out an exhale, regained her composure, and turned to walk toward the bathroom.

Everyone in the cell was a little surprised by her actions.

The woman at the forefront of the gang narrowed her eyes at Luna’s retreating figure, then turned to glance at Celia. “You and she have past vengeance, so you should keep an eye on her.“

Celia sneered. “Okay! “

With that, she strode over and gave Luna, who was retrieving a mop, a hard kick on her shin.

Luna lost her balance and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, she had grabbed onto the mop’s handle in time, which stopped her from falling.

She turned around and shot Celia a murderous glare.

Celia crossed her arms in front of her chest and snickered. “What’s wrong? You don’t like it?“

With that, she inched closer to Luna and continued, “ I’m one of the popular ones in this cell, so if you don’t want to get beaten up in your sleep, you’d better do as I say, or else! “

Luna nodded dazedly, turned around, and entered the bathroom, clutching the mop with her.

Celia let out a sneer and followed her.

Half an hour later, Luna finished cleaning the bathroom. However, her clothes were stained with urine and feces as a result of the cleaning.

Celia followed her out of the bathroom triumphantly and crossed her arms in front of her chest, sneering, “Well, well, well. I would never have expected a famous jewelry designer, Joshua Lynch’s love of his life, to be this dirty and smelly! “

Luna stood next to the sink in silence and removed her jumpsuit to wash it.

Celia continued to laugh at her in contempt while surrounded by the rest of the inmates. ”What do you guys think Joshua would feel if he sees her like this? Will he be so disgusted that he can’t eat?”

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