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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1322

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1322

When Luna opened her eyes, she saw nothing but blood.

A man plunged a knife right into Granny Lynch’s heart.

When she saw this, Luna wanted to get up and scream for help, but she could not let out a single sound due to fear.

That was when she dialed Joshua’s number on instinct.

Just as Luna pressed the call button—

Someone gave her a blow on the back of her neck, and she passed out.

When she finally came to, Luna was so shocked by the scene before her that she felt as though her entire body had been struck by lightning.

She could not move, think, or talk.

A pained expression flashed across Joshua’s face when he saw how helpless Luna looked, sitting on the floor.

He pursed his thin lips.

He wanted to enter the room and give her a hug for comfort, but he could not.

If he entered the room, he would be trespassing and destroying evidence.

He believed that Luna was innocent and that she would not hurt Granny at all.

It was precisely because of this that he could not destroy any trace of evidence within the room. The real killer would have accidentally left some clues behind.

Therefore, no matter how badly he wanted to console Luna, he had no choice but to watch from a distance as the police gathered the evidence.

After a long time, the police had finished collecting all the evidence.

“Ms. Luna, you’re suspected of murdering Ms. Lydia Hamilton. Kindly follow us back to the police station for investigation,“ a policewoman said curtly as she snapped a pair of cold handcuffs around Luna’s wrists.

Luna was brought out of the room with two policewomen flanking her.

She was so numb that she could barely walk. All she could think of was what the policewoman had declared: “You are suspected of murdering Ms. Lydia Hamilton.“

“You are suspected of murdering…“ Did she…murder Granny?

Luna had just taken a nap and had a bad dream…

Granny had even been stroking her hair before she fell asleep…so how could she be dead?

How did Luna become the prime suspect in Granny’s murder?

“Luna.“ When a blood-soaked Luna followed the policewomen to the door, she heard a low voice ring out from next to her.

It was Joshua’s voice.

Luna could not help but feel like crying when she heard these two syllables.

When she lifted her head and caught sight of the pale

-faced man before her, a surge of emotions rushed into her heart.

She pouted slightly, and tears slid down her face in silence.

When she finally spoke, her voice was hoarse and choked. “Joshua. I…I didn’t kill anyone. I’d never kill Granny.“

“I know,“ Joshua replied in a low voice, then stepped forward and pulled her into his arms.

The policewomen who watched this immediately went into alert when they saw this. “Mr. Lynch! “

“I just want to say a few words,“ said Joshua hoarsely.

He cupped Luna’s bloodstained face in his hands and lowered his voice, “I believe you.“

With that, he wiped her tears away and pressed a kiss onto her forehead. “Don’t worry; I’m here with you.“

As soon as he said this, Luna was taken away by the police.

Joshua stood motionless as he watched her leave and closed his eyes in exhaustion.

Unbeknownst to them—

At the end of the hallway, a reporter ducked into the bathroom and checked the pictures he had taken on his camera.

It was a photo of Joshua kissing Luna’s forehead while clutching her bloody face.

The reporter let out a sneer and sent the picture, along with a headline that read, (She killed his grandmother, yet he still kissed her so tenderly. Is he really free from involvement in this murder?]

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