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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1321

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1321

Joshua’s gaze was so sharp and cold that Adrian did not dare meet his gaze, turning his head away instead. “What’s this about my IQ? What makes you think I can’t come up with…“

As soon as he said this, he realized that he had fallen right into Joshua’s trap and immediately corrected himself, “Who—Who’s trying to frame Luna? She’s the one who killed Granny; everyone here knows and saw it!

“The wound in Granny’s chest is made by the knife that Luna is holding! Everyone here, including you and me, saw that as clear as day! “

Adrian pointed toward Granny’s dead body and Luna’s unconscious figure on the floor. “Look, she’s already passed out, but she’s holding the knife so tightly in her hand! Everything at the scene clearly explains what happened before we arrived. What do you mean, someone is trying to frame Luna?“

With that, he turned to glance at the reporters gathered in the hallway. “Am I wrong?“

The reporters exchanged glances, and some of them started whispering under their breaths.

However, most of them did not dare say anything at all.

Adrian could not help but curse mentally at this sight. However, he continued to glare at Joshua stubbornly. “Please don’t think that Luna can get off scot-free just because you have her back! “

Joshua could not help but curl his lips into a smirk when he saw how desperate yet stubborn Adrian was acting. “Well, If she has indeed murdered someone, then she’ll definitely pay the price, but if she hasn’t

Joshua’s expression darkened. “Then not only will I punish the real culprit behind Granny’s death, but I’ll also expose all the crimes that his wife and children have committed and let all of them rot in prison together, “ Joshua threatened through gritted teeth.

Adrian’s eyes widened in shock, and his entire being burst out in cold sweats.

He did not understand why Joshua looked and talked to him like this, even though there were no loopholes in his story at all.

It was as though Joshua had already discovered the truth about what had happened!

Adrian’s entire body quaked so badly, but he did not know what to say.

All of a sudden, the elevator doors slide open.

The bodyguards that Lucas summoned had arrived.

As soon as they arrived, the bodyguards took all the reporters, as well as their cameras, away.

When the hallway was finally empty, Joshua narrowed his eyes and stood up. “Adrian Lynch, I initially thought that if you’d pay respects to Granny Lynch, I ‘d reduce your prison sentence, but now…

“You’re not worth it.“

As soon as he finished his sentence, the police arrived at the scene.

When Lucas called the police, he had mentioned that a murder had occurred, so the police sent many of their men over to investigate the situation. They immediately sealed off the scene to the public and started gathering all the evidence.

Luna, who had passed out in a pool of blood, was finally roused awake by one of the coroners.

“Granny! “ Luna shouted as soon as she awoke, even before she opened her eyes.

When she opened her eyes—

Luna was so shocked by the scene before her that she froze in place, utterly stunned.

She watched as the coroners brought Granny Lynch’s corpse out of the room.

The old lady, who had held her hand and told her about her daughter just an hour ago, was reduced to just a cold, lifeless corpse.

The white bedsheets were stained with blood. Even Luna’s entire body was covered in blood.

One of the coroners took a fruit knife —covered in Luna’s fingerprints—and put it in an evidence  bag.

Luna watched dazedly as everything unfolded before her, as though her brain had lost its ability to think.

How could this be… How could this be?

She had been… She had been chatting to Granny Lynch, but after a while, for some reason, she began to feel tired.

Granny had even stroked her hair tenderly and told her to lay by the bed for a quick nap.

The rational side of Luna told her that she could not sleep, not in front of an old lady, but after experiencing a few sleepless, exhausting days in the studio, Luna could not take it anymore.

Finally, she gave in to her body and fell asleep next to Granny Lynch.

In her sleep, she had heard the sound of something splashing onto her face.

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