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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1320

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1320

Lucas’ reply sounded even curter in the silence of the hallway. “I’ll bring everyone back right now and destroy the cameras.“

The reporters glanced at each other. They did not dare continue taking photos of the scene, yet they did not dare hide their cameras either.

Joshua swept his cold glance over the crowd and said, “This is the Lynch family’s business and will require further investigation. The police will be involved.

“If any one of you spread any rumors about what happened here today or start circulating the photos online, I’ll make sure you and your entire family are chased out of Banyan City. You can take my word for it.”

He glanced at everyone with a murderous expression. “You should know better than anyone that Joshua Lynch never breaks his promises! “

The entire hallway was silent.

Some reporters were already removing the SD cards from their cameras and snapping them into two, right in front of Joshua.

Some of them set their cameras down on the floor and awaited Lucas’ further actions.

The hallway, which had been bustling with activity before, became spine-chillingly silent.

Joshua closed his eyes and ordered, “Call the police,

Lucas.“ “Yes, Sir.“

Adrian, who was sitting on the floor, looked around at the reporters surrounding him. He could not help but feel a little anxious at this moment.

He had concocted such an intricate plan so that the reporters could publish the pictures of the murder scene, but they were all so frightened of Joshua that they did not dare defy him at all!

Adrian let out an exhale and started sobbing while clutching onto Joshua’s pant legs. “What is the meaning of this, Joshua? Why don’t you want the reporters to record Luna’s wrongdoings?

“You used to be a very vengeful person. Granny has cared for you for so many years, but now that Luna has killed her, you’re stopping everyone from exposing her crimes!

“Are you willing to become a disloyal and unappreciative person over a woman?“

Joshua’s entire body stiffened upon hearing this.

If he remembered correctly, he had said the same thing to Adrian before.

Suddenly, Joshua realized that Granny Lynch’s death must have had something to do with Adrian.

Even though Adrian had abided by his threats and visited Granny in the hospital these few days, he always stayed for only a couple of hours. He had never taken much notice of Granny’s condition at all.

Therefore, why would he bring so many reporters

over as soon as he heard of Granny Lynch’s miraculous recovery?

There were almost 60 reporters crowded in the hallway at this moment. Joshua guessed that Adrian had probably invited all the reporters from all the media outlets in Banyan City.

Such a huge crowd in such a short time…Joshua could not help but suspect that this was not just a simple coincidence.

Joshua squatted to Adrian’s level and fixated his cold stare on him. “I don’t know whether I’m an unappreciated person or not, but I’m certain that you are.“

He reached out his hand to wipe away Adrian’s tears. “I didn’t know crocodiles have tears too.“

With that, he put his hand into Adrian’s pocket and took out a small bottle of clear liquid.

It was a specially formulated chili water, which was used to induce tears.

Joshua sneered at the sight of this liquid and clenched his teeth. “Your own mother died of a murder, and you have to resort to using fake tears, Mr. Lynch?“

The color drained from Adrian’s face, and he could not say a word.

His plan was near perfect…so how did Joshua know he was fake-crying?

Joshua stared at him with an icy expression and said in a low, stern voice, “According to your IQ, you couldn’t have come up with a plan like this. Who taught you to frame Luna like this?”

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