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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1316

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1316

“Don’t worry about it.“ Luna tucked a few stray hairs behind her ear and continued, “As long as you’re happy.“

Granny Lynch closed her eyes and was about to say something when all of sudden, she coughed out a mouthful of blood and passed out.

This had happened a few times prior, so Joshua immediately brought Luna and the children out of the ward and summoned some doctors for help.

The five of them stood outside the glass window of the ICU and watched as the doctors desperately tried to save Granny Lynch.

All of them were saddened at this sight. Nellie was sobbing while Nigel wiped away his tears in silence.

Even Neil, who was usually the strong one, teared up at this sight.

Luna walked over to Joshua’s side and gently grabbed hold of his hand.

“Get out of the way! “ All of a sudden, Dr. Janet emerged from the elevator and stormed into Granny’s room.

She injected a white liquid into Granny Lynch’s veins, and after a while, Granny Lynch woke up.

When the door was pushed open, Nellie was the first one to rush into the room. Nigel, too, wheeled Neil into the room behind her.

Granny Lynch, who had been so weak that she could barely talk, looked a little more alive at that point.

The doctors marveled at this sudden change. After all, they had done so many resuscitations on Granny Lynch to know that it usually took an hour for Granny to regain consciousness.

Therefore, it was a miracle that Granny Lynch suddenly regained her strength.

Seeing that Granny’s condition had improved, Dr. Janet let out a sigh of relief and left the room.

Joshua, however, stopped her. “What was the liquid that you injected into my Granny’s veins?“

Dr. Janet glanced at him and replied, “Well, what else would it be, apart from the antidote that the Landry family formulated?“

Joshua furrowed his brows upon hearing this. “ Didn’t the Landry family stop making the antidote, and wasn’t there only one bottle left in the entire world?“

Dr. Janet nodded. “Don’t you remember the medicine

—the one that contained low concentrations of antidote—that Aura gave you earlier to help relieve some of the symptoms Granny was having?“

Joshua narrowed his eyes. “Was that the one you used just now?“

The antidote that Aura had given took three days to arrive in Banyan City from overseas. While they were waiting for the full vial of antidote to arrive, Aura had used low concentrations of antidote to sustain Granny Lynch’s life.

They had already used up all of it, did they not?

Dr. Janet could tell that Joshua was puzzled by this, so she curled her lips into a smile and explained, “ Aura had given me three bottles that contained trace amounts of antidote to help Granny, and those three bottles were labeled with numbers.

“However, those numbers weren’t in sequence at all, so I guessed that Aura had probably hidden the rest somewhere. I rummaged through the suitcase that she stowed away in the hospital and found another bottle.

“To my surprise, even after I found the additional bottle, the numbers still didn’t line up, so I’m guessing that she probably has a lot more stashed away somewhere.“

Joshua and Luna’s faces lit up as soon as they heard this.

This meant that if they managed to find the bottles of antidote that Aura had hidden, they would be able to sustain Granny Lynch for a while longer!


Luna pursed her lips. “It…will be difficult to find where Aura hid the antidote, right?“

On top of that, Aura was dead, but she was nonetheless a very secretive person when she was alive. Previously, Joshua and Bonnie had sent many men to track down her whereabouts, but even then, they could not find where she lived.

To find Aura’s hideout in such a short span of time… would be equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack.

Just as Joshua and Luna lamented this, the door to Granny’s ward was pushed open.

Neil wheeled himself out of the room and said, ”I know where she would’ve hidden the antidote.”

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