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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1312

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1312

Joshua, who was holding the phone, narrowed his eyes.

It had already been ten minutes. He knew that it only took one minute to board the lift and arrive at Granny’s ward from the ground floor.

Ten minutes had passed, yet Adrian had yet to arrive. This meant Adrian was not here to visit Granny Lynch at all.

Joshua let out an exhale, walked into the lift, and asked, “Michael is here in the hospital too, right? Which level is he in?“

“The twelfth floor.“

Inside the patient’s room on the 12th floor.

Covered in seawater, Adrian took off his jacket and said, while wiping away the excess water on his body, “Don’t worry. Although she’s still unconscious, she’s alive. I hid her in a safe place. A doctor from a small clinic is with her. The doctor said she choked on a large amount of water, and it caused her to pass out. She cou1d’ve died if we didn’t manage to save her so soon.“

With that, he looked up and stared at Michael, who was lying on the bed. “Didn’t you say she’s pregnant with your child?“

Michael was wrapped in so many layers of bandages that he looked like a mummy.

When he went to find Luna in the ICU, he was pushed off the bed and landed in the broken glass all over the floor. On top of that, Joshua had pressed him against the shattered glass and beat him up, so his entire body was covered in cuts.

His face was so swollen and bruised that he looked like a pig from afar.

Michael glanced at Adrian and replied, “Of course she’s pregnant with my child.“

When Michael first heard Aura say she was pregnant with Joshua’s child, he believed it. Later that day, after Joshua beat him up, Aura went to visit him.

After the two of them talked, only then did he find out that Aura had never slept with Joshua before ever since she returned to Banyan City.

The only person Aura had slept with was him. She had never slept with Joshua.

Who else would the child in her womb belong to, apart from him?

Adrian rolled his eyes at Michael. “Well, the doctor says she was never pregnant! “

Adrian grew more and more outraged when he talked about this. “If I had known she wasn’t pregnant, I would’ve never saved her at the risk of getting discovered by Joshua! “

“How is that possible?“ Michael widened his eyes in shock. “She told me herself that she’s pregnant! I even saw her pregnancy test! “

“The pregnancy test is fake. I showed it to the doctor.“ Adrian rolled his eyes again. “You and Joshua were both tricked. She was never pregnant! “

Michael was so stunned by this discovery that he could not say a single word.

Adrian pursed his lips slightly when he saw how crestfallen his son became. “Alright, you shouldn’t be sad anymore. At least she’s rescued and is now in a safe place. Do you think you won’t be able to impregnate her after she wakes up? No matter what, I saved her life, so it’s only fair that she bears a child for you in return.“

Michael was silent for a moment. Then, he sighed in relief and nodded. “Yes. Let’s wait for her to wake up. Then, I’ll plant my seeds in her, and she’ll give you and Mother a few grandchildren!“

After hearing Michael bring up his mother, Adrian suddenly realized someone was missing from the room. He raised his eyebrows and looked around. “ Where’s your mother?“

It had been about ten minutes since Adrian arrived at the hospital, but there was no sign of Celia anywhere. Where could she possibly be?

Michael lowered his head and bit down on his lip rather forlornly, “Mother, she— “ Before Michael could finish his sentence, however, he was interrupted by a cold, stern voice coming from the door, “I sent Celia to the police station.“

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