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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1310

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1310

“Now…I can’t anymore.“ She let out a bitter smile and stared at Joshua. “Having lived such a long life, I no longer have any regrets. The only person I’m worried about is you.

“Your mother passed away when you were born, and your father never cared about you at all, so I was the one who raised you. I know how stubborn and how lonely you are…“

With that, Granny Lynch glanced at the door. She could make out the four people through the matte glass.

Neil was sitting in his wheelchair while Nigel stood behind him. On the other hand, Luna was crouching in front of Nellie, wiping the tears from her face.

Granny Lynch stared at their vague silhouettes through the glass, a faint smile playing on her lips. “ Luna is a good woman. I’m glad that you have her by your side, and I’m extremely touched that she’s willing to sacrifice so much for an old lady like me, but…“

She lifted her head to gaze at Joshua. “I have two requests for you.“

Joshua gripped her hand tightly and said, “Please tell me.“

“Number one… I want you to stay away from the Landry family. Don’t try to take revenge on them.

“The rivalry between the Landry family and me is entirely personal. They killed my daughter in the past, which sparked the feud between our family and theirs, but…as you know, my daughter had nothing to do with the Lynch family. I gave birth to her before I married your grandfather. She belonged to my ex- husband and me.

“The Landry family killed my daughter, so I killed one of their sons in revenge. They poisoned me, so I chased them out of the country…

“This vengeance had ended long before my retirement when you were seventeen. I shou1d’ve died at that time, but you were the reason I ‘m even alive today…

“Therefore, after I die, please don’t take your revenge on them. Don’t put you and Luna—and your little family—at risk because of me.“

Joshua held Granny Lynch’s hand tightly but did not say a word.

He did not want to make this promise.

He had abided by Granny’s wishes all these years. He refrained from getting into conflict with the Landry family, so much so that he even deliberately avoided them when expanding Lynch Group overseas.

What did he get in return for this?

The Landry family allowed Aura to return to Banyan City and caused Granny to fall ill!

If it were not for Luna’s quick wit, Granny Lynch would not be the only one in the hospital!

Granny Lynch leaned against her headboard and sighed. When she saw the hatred in Joshua’s eyes,

she did not force Joshua to agree to her terms and instead continued, “The second request I have for you is…

“Luna is a good person. No matter what happens, you cannot give up on her or the children.

Remember this: You cannot let go of her…unless one day, she tells you she doesn’t love you nor the children anymore. Can you promise me this?”

Joshua paused for a moment upon hearing this. He squeezed a bitter smile and stared at Granny’s face after a moment. “Granny, even if you don’t make this request, I’ll still do so.”

Granny closed her eyes. “Well, if you can promise me this…then I can finally rest in peace.”

On the other side of the world, inside a European – style villa, was a beautiful woman dressed in an exquisite dress. She smashed a vase onto the floor in anger and snapped, “You still can’t get in touch with Aura? What a useless b*stard!

“She’s useless, and so are the rest of you!”

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