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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1306

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1306

Seeing that Joshua had gotten into his car, Luna, too, hung up and got into the backseat.

Joshua narrowed his eyes, exchanged a glance with Luna, and said, “Take us to the hospital.“

The driver nodded and started the engine.

The black Masevati peeled off into the distance.

Bonnie, who was left alone, watched the car grow smaller and smaller with a bewildered expression.

She furrowed her brows in exasperation, then turned and got into her Ferrare.

As soon as she started the engine, she caught sight of a speedboat parked next to the shore in the distance. It seemed about to set sail but was stopped from doing so by some men dressed in black.

Bonnie recognized the men as Joshua’s subordinates. She curled her lips into a smile and started the car in good spirits, then chased after Joshua and Luna’s car.

When Joshua and Luna made it to the hospital, Celia was still holding Neil hostage in Granny Lynch’s room.

“You’re already more than seventy years old. Do you honestly think you still have a long time to live?

How long do you think you have? Three years? Five?

You’ll die eventually! “

Celia stood behind Neil’s wheelchair and held a knife to his throat as she glowered at Granny Lynch. “On the other hand, Michael is your grandson ! He’s in his twenties, and he still has a bright future ahead of him!

”Instead of using this antidote to save your old life, why not use it to save Michael instead?”

Granny Lynch leaned against the headboard, her face pale, but she was still smiling. ”I’ve already told you, the only reason I got this antidote is because of Luna, so only she has the right to dictate whom to administer it to. I can’t make this choice on my own, considering the lengths she and Joshua went to

obtain this antidote for me. It’s no use threatening in Nigel, who was holding Granny Lynch’s hand, piped up in a calm voice, ”Grandma Celia, I’ve already explained everything to you. Even though your son had accidentally ingested the poison, he won’t fall ill, considering he only ingested trace amounts of it. You don’t have to keep Neil hostage to snatch the antidote back from Granny. You’re committing a crime! “

Celia sneered when she heard this. ”The Landry family hasn’t produced an antidote in more than twenty years now, so this is the only bottle in the entire world ! Even if Michael is fine now, it doesn’t mean he’ll be fine in the future. What if he falls ill down the line? How can I save him if the antidote was used to save an old hag instead?”

With that, she narrowed her eyes. Keeping the knife at Neil’s throat with one hand, she used the other to rummage around in Granny Lynch’s nightstand. ” The safest way would be to take the antidote away and let Michael drink it instead! That way, he won’t be at risk of falling ill in the future! “

Celia tossed all the things on the nightstand onto the floor and yelled, her voice getting more and more aggressive, “Where did you hide the antidote, you useless hag? I know you didn’t drink it, so where did you hide it?“

Nellie clutched her empty milk bottle tightly when she saw the crazed look in Celia’s eyes.

Granny Lynch had given both her and Nigel a bottle each that morning, with juice for Nigel and milk for her. They had been happily enjoying their drink, and she had just finished her milk when all of a sudden, Celia barged into the room with Neil and demanded the antidote.

Just as Celia was distracted by the search for the antidote, her knife inched closer to Neil’s neck until it was just a few centimeters away from piercing his skin.

Neil furrowed his brows at this and turned to exchange a glance with Nigel.

Nigel nodded, then said in a low voice, “Nellie, keep your eye on what’s underneath the bed. We can’t let her find it…“ Even though he had deliberately lowered his voice, Celia could still hear it in the quiet room. She furrowed her brows and lowered herself down to glance underneath the bed—

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