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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1305

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1305

“You’ll never be able to find happiness—never! “ Aura screamed at the top of her lungs.

With that, she closed her eyes and released her grip on the barrier.

She was placing a very risky bet.

Six years ago, when Luna fell off the bridge, she did not die and instead was saved by Malcolm.

Therefore, instead of getting captured by the police, Aura would rather take this risk and jump off the bridge.

What if she, too, was fortunate enough to be saved? If she did not die…she vowed that she would return and kill all of them.

All of them!


Aura’s body crashed into the ocean, producing gigantic waves.

Luna closed her eyes and let out a sigh when she heard the sound of the water splashing.

Everything had finally come to an end.

Six years ago, Aura had attempted to kill her, so it seemed fitting that she received the same outcome in return.

Joshua furrowed his brows and glanced at the ocean. Then, he took out his phone and dialed a number. “I want you to seal off the sea near Bay Bridge and forbid any boats to enter within this twenty-four hours.“

Bonnie gaped when she heard this. She guessed that Aura had probably been holding onto hope that she would get saved after falling into the ocean, like how Luna had, but Joshua’s call…

Joshua had ordered for this stretch of ocean to be closed off  for the next it       hours, which meant that Aura had no chance of surviving at all.

Bonnie had been worried that Luna’s method was too merciful and still gave Aura a chance of surviving, but Joshua had toppled this possibility altogether.

She could not help but be amazed by both Joshua’s attention to detail and the ruthlessness he displayed to his enemies.

Just as Bonnie thought of this, both Joshua and Luna’s phones rang at the same time.

They were both from the hospital.

“Mr. Lynch! “ Dr. Janet’s anxious voice rang out from the other end of the line. There was also a loud commotion from her end. “You’d better come quick. Something terrible has happened!

“The antidote has made its way to Granny Lynch, but now, your father’s current wife, Celia, is stirring up chaos in Granny’s room. She claims that her son Michael has also been poisoned, and since Granny won’t be able to live long anyway, she demands that her son receive the antidote instead…“

Joshua’s expression darkened when he heard this. He quickly turned to walk toward the car, frowning. “ Where are the bodyguards?“

Dr. Janet bit down on her lip. “The bodyguards don’t dare to approach her! She had taken Neil hostage and claimed that if anyone dared to touch her, she’d stab Neil…

“Even though the bodyguards you hired are extremely skilled, none of them dared to get closer to her…“

She let out an exhale and bit down on her lip once more. “Now, only Celia, the three children, and Granny Lynch are inside the room. The rest of us are locked outside. Please come here quickly! “

Joshua narrowed his eyes and got into the car. Meanwhile, Luna received a call from Theo.

An hour ago, Celia had pretended to be a nurse looking after Neil and claimed that she was taking Neil out for a walk.

Theo was not feeling well, and, thinking that everything would be fine since this was the hospital that Joshua had arranged, he did not get suspicious and allowed her to take Neil out of the room.

However, two minutes ago, he overheard some nurses talking about a child who was held hostage downstairs and realized that the child was Neil.

He thus called Luna immediately, hoping that she would come up with a plan.

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