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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1300

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1300

The spot where the car had stopped…

The color of the barrier here was different from the rest of the bridge.

This particular barrier had been crashed down before and had to undergo maintenance. Because of this, the new barrier was a different color from the previous one.

This…was the place where Luna had fallen into the sea, courtesy of Jason.

Aura stared at the different -colored barrier before her and felt her entire body break out in cold sweats. She lifted her head to stare at Joshua, shaking. “ Joshua…“

Joshua curled his lips into a smirk and released her. Then, he pushed the door open and got out of the door.

A split second later, he opened Aura’s door and snapped, “Get out of the car. We’re here.“

Aura trembled so vehemently that her teeth chattered. “Josh…Joshua. Aren’t we going to retrieve our marriage certificate? Why… Why did you bring me here?“

“Well, I brought you here to solve things once and for all and give you the outcome you long for the most.“ Joshua lowered his head to glance at the time, then leaned against the barrier gracefully and smiled at her. “It’s hard to accept, isn’t it? It’s okay.

We still have two minutes, so I’ll wait.”

Aura forze upon hearing this. What… What did he mean by two minutes?

Before she could even ask, Aura heard the sound of an approaching car. She froze momentarily, then turned to glance in the direction where the sound had come from.

It was Bonnie’s red Ferrare.

The Ferrare was like a streak of red shadow racing toward them. It screeched to a halt next to Joshua’s car, and the car door opened.

Bonnie got out of the driver’s seat, wearing a red trench coat.

The person who got out of the passenger’s side…was Luna, dressed head to toe in white. She was still a little weak from her illness, and her face looked pale.

Despite this, she did not look as frail as Aura’s men had told her, claiming that Luna would die any day soon.

Aura was so stunned by the scene before her that she was frozen in shock.

What… What was going on? Luna was on the verge of dying! How could she appear before her, unscathed?

This was impossible! Impossible!

Bonnie seemed to notice Aura’s bewilderment, so she took off sunglasses, leaned against the hood of her Ferrare, and said, “Did you honestly think that Luna her for a month? Well, too bad, because Luna didn’t eat a single bite. She wasn’t poisoned at all.“ Aura widened her eyes in shock. How was this possible?

“Then, she…“

Luna gave Aura a faint smile and answered, “You mean my illness? That was a medicine that Dr. Janet formulated especially for me, based on the poison that the Landry family invented. It mimicked the symptoms of the poison but didn’t have the same effects at all. Now that the medicine has almost worn off, I’m getting better as well.“

Aura’s legs gave out from underneath her, and she slumped against the backseat as though she had been struck by lightning. She did not expect that… Luna had been faking her illness all along.

Bonnie curled her lips into a smirk when she saw how pale Aura’s face had become. “The only reason Joshua had promised to be together with you was so that you would hand over the antidote for Granny Lynch. Do you think he would’ve done so otherwise?“

“Aura.“ Luna let out an exhale. “You’ve failed, totally and utterly.

“Didn’t you mention you hated the fact that I had always been better than you at anything? Well, let me tell you this: it’s true. I ‘m better than you. You’re a n idiot.“

Aura’s entire body stiffened. Then, a split second later, she flew into a rage and screamed, “Luna! You deserve to die! “

She lunged toward Luna like a deranged person.

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