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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1299

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1299

“Coming! “ Aura quickly put on some lipstick when she heard Joshua knocking on her door.

Finally, she glanced at her reflection again in the mirror.

She looked absolutely stunning. She would be Joshua’s most beautiful bride today!

On this day, she would officially become Mrs. Lynch while Luna would die alone in the hospital…

As soon as she thought of this, Aura was so excited that she had an urge to spread this good news all over the world.

The woman that had caused her and her sister misery for so many years was finally going to die!

Even though there were three children that she had yet to get rid of, as long as Luna died, well… Aura knew she would find a way to defeat the children.

After all, they were only six. She could easily take care of three six-year-olds!

As soon as she thought of this, Aura let out an exhale and flung the door open with a smile.

Joshua was wearing a suit, like always. However, instead of his usual black, he donned a suit in sky blue, her favorite color, as though he had chosen it especially for her. The light shade of blue made Joshua look even more striking and handsome than usual.

Aura was so excited that she immediately leaped into Joshua’s arms. “Joshua, I ‘m over the moon! I never thought you’d choose this color, especially for me! I can tell you value and cherish me very much! “

For the first time ever, Joshua did not shove her away from him. He recalled what Luna had said in her voice message that she sent the night before. “

Wear a sky-blue suit tomorrow; Aura loves that color. And, please be gentle to her. Even though she’s a bad person, she has been in love with you for so many years. Show her some kindness for this, at least.“

Joshua felt scornful of showing kindness to a woman like Aura, so he did not agree to Luna’s request.

However, when he received and put on the suit Luna had prepared for him, he realized that Luna had prepared this especially for him, even though she was still gravely ill…

Therefore, he decided to put it on in the end.

After all, Luna was the one who chose it, and she had not done so in many years.

Joshua let out an exhale and pushed Aura away. “ Come on; the driver’s already waiting.“

Aura grinned and followed him. “Do you think I look beautiful today, Joshua?“

“Of course you do.“

“Are we going to the Civil Affairs Bureau right now?“


The black Masevati pulled away from Blue Bay Villa and headed in the direction of Bay Bridge.

As she sat in the car and watched the bridge grow closer and closer, Aura furrowed her brows. “Joshua, did we take the wrong route?”

The Civil Affairs Bureau was in the city center, so why was the car traveling in the direction of the ocean and Bay Bridge instead?

“Of course we didn’t.” Joshua stared in the direction in front of him. “This is a necessary route to take for our destination.”

Aura had a feeling that something was wrong.

Joshua was very good with directions. On top of that, Banyan City was not a big place, so even If Joshua had never been to the Civil Affairs Bureau much, he would not make the mistake of accidentally taking the wrong route.

Besides, even if Joshua had misremembered the route, the driver who was driving them had grown op in Banyan City all his life and knew his way around the city. How could he possibly be wrong, too?

Aura furrowed her brows and stared at Joshua with an expression of caution. “Joshua, are you… are you not willing to marry me?”

Was this why Joshua had deliberately asked the driver to take the wrong route?

“How can that be?” Joshua curled his lips into a smile and put his arm around Aura’s shoulder, and learned his body against hers for the first time ever. His aura was so solid and domineering that Aura could not help but feel suffocated. “How could I possibly break my promise to you?

“After all, you and I have been on and off for so many years now. It’s about time we put an end to this.”

Aura bit down on her lip and glanced outside the window.

The car had already pulled up at Bay Bridge.

Bay Bridge was usually crowded with traffic at this time, but to Aura’s surprise…the entire road was empty, so empty that she could even hear the birds chirping.

This was…bizarre.

Just as Aura puzzled over this, the car pulled to a stop.

The color drained from her side as soon as Aura glanced out the window.

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