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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1150

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1150

Luna, who was still looking for the documents, paused a little. “What is it?“

Joshua looked at her with a deep gaze. “In the future..when Neil returns and regains his memory, will you still leave?“

Luna was stunned for a while, then she awkwardly laughed, “Perhaps.“

“If you must leave…“ Joshua sighed and said, “ Please be reachable.“

Luna’s hand which was searching through the documents stopped once more. “What’s going on?“

“I don’t want to stay out of touch with the children. I don’t want my own children to hate me like how I hated my father.“

Luna bit her lips. She finally understood what he meant. She sighed and said, “It won’t come to that, the children like you a lot. Also, you are not your father.“

Joshua was silent and looked at her for a long time before finally smiling. “You’re right.“

Then, he looked at the document in her hands. “Go on.“

Luna pursed her lips. She read the documents to him while secretly observing his reactions.

Although he tried his best to hide it, she could still see the loneliness and desolation in his eyes.

She thought about what the butler said to her a moment ago. Her heart ached a little.

Luna understood Joshua very well. Ever since he was young, he never had an ounce of affection from his father.

Joshua had been working hard. He thought that as long as he was exceptional enough, his father would be happy. His father would finally stay.

Joshua waited for more than twenty years.

Even up until that moment, Adrian did not have any sense of affection toward his son. Even when Adrian came back to Banyan City this time, it was because he thought that Joshua was almost dying, so he took his illegitimate son back to take over the family fortune.

However, Adrian was not truly a heartless person. His love for Michael was on the brink of coddling him. Therefore, even if Joshua did not express it clearly, Luna knew clearly that he was disappointed and heartbroken.

At that thought, Luna took a deep breath. In between breaks of reading, Luna grabbed Joshua’s hand.

“Don’t worry, even if we are…apart in the future, I will make sure the children won’t forget you. You won’t be alone.“

Joshua pulled his hand out of her clutch.

“The strong will never be lonely.“ He rubbed the middle of his brows, exhausted. “Continue on.“

At three in the afternoon, Luna finally helped Joshua with all of the documents. Seeing that it was also almost time, she changed her clothes and hailed a taxi to the place where she agreed to meet with Anne.

Joshua initially wanted the driver to send her, but Luna refused. She did not want to show off too much. Also, the engagement ceremony that night has started its preparations. The Yacht Club was quite far away from home. Quite a lot of relatives were attending the engagement ceremony too, they needed the car.

Luna felt that she was not that precious. She could just hail a taxi.

However, Luna did not expect that…

When the taxi was on a small road nearby the Bay Bridge, a few black cars immediately surrounded her taxi.

Luna furrowed her brows. She instinctively picked up her phone, wanting to call for help, but she realized her signal was blocked.

The next second, a few men in black rushed out from those cars. They pulled her out of the taxi and stuffed her in their car!

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