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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1148

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1148

Adrian, Celia, and Michael’s expressions were extremely ugly when they heard what Joshua said.

With Joshua’s powers, he could make them sleep in the streets. Also, all these years, everyone thought that Adrian did not remarry because he was a deeply affectionate and loyal man. If the others knew that not long after the death of Joshua’s mother, Rianna, Adrian met Celia and even gave birth to Michael…

“Just let it be.“ Seeing how tense the situation was, Celia pursed her lips and tugged on Adrian’s sleeve. “ Don’t bother with Joshua, he’s still your son after all.“

Then, she took a deep breath and looked at Joshua’s back.

“Joshua, your dad sprung this on you out of a sudden. You’re right. We don’t have the right to meddle in your personal affairs. I’ll take your father and leave right now. Don’t worry, we won’t cause trouble at your engagement ceremony tonight! “

Then, she held Adrian and Michael’s hand, one on each side, and left Blue Bay Villa.

With his back facing them, once he heard the door of the Blue Bay Villa closed, Joshua leaned back on his wheelchair exhaustedly.

He closed his eyes and calmly asked the butler by the side. “Where’s Luna?“

“Ma’am said that she heard that there was fresh fish from the morning market in the western part of the city, so she went to buy fish early in the morning. She said she wanted to make them for you for lunch to help you recuperate.“

Joshua smiled. The displeasure that Adrian and his family brought vanished instantly.

“What a bully! “

Coming out from the Blue Bay Villa, Michael, who did not dare let out a single breath in front of Joshua, harrumphed coldly while walking. “How dare he be so arrogant? Without the inheritance from the Lynch family, would he have such achievements now?

“He is the grandson of the Lynch family. I am too. All these years, he has been hogging on the fortune, I said nothing! Now he dares to threaten us, chasing us out of the hotel? He has crossed the line!

Celia, by the side, could not help but start wiping her tears.

“It’s our fault for not demanding what’s ours, naturally, they would think that we don’t care about it.”

“If   we have to blame, I blame mom for not caring about fame or fortune. Until only when we heard he was about to die and afraid that the Lynch Group might end up in some outsider’s hands, only then did she allow dad to come back. See what happens now…“

Adrian looked at his wife and son’s reaction. He was blaming himself terribly in his heart. “Don’t feel that way. Don’t worry. I will find a way to make sure you all get what you deserve! “

When he said this, Michael and Celia looked at each other. They had delight in their eyes.

At that moment, a black Maseratee stopped at Blue Bay Villa’s main entrance.

Lily got out of the car and went to the trunk to take the groceries which Luna bought.

Luna was on a phone call while coming out of the car.

“Hmm, then we’ll head to the Cherry Snow Gowns west of the city you mentioned at four this afternoon to try on some gowns. The engagement came too suddenly, I have not prepared a gown…“

Luna talked while heading toward the villa together with Lily. She did not even notice the three dejected- looking people by the gate of the villa not far away from her.

“How rude.“ Celia sighed. She gently held onto Adrian’s arm. “Adrian, this person is marrying into the Lynch family. What will happen in the future?“

Adrian narrowed his eyes hard. Michael looked at Luna leaving. He smiled. If he remembered correctly, the engagement ceremony was taking place at six in the evening. If Luna was to go missing at four after trying on gowns…

She would not be able to get engaged, right?

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