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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1147

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1147

“How could you not inform your parents about such a huge thing as your engagement? You just decided for yourself?! “

The next day early in the morning after the announcement of Joshua and Luna’s engagement, Adrian brought Celia and Michael over to the Blue Bay Villa.

He was sitting on the sofa in a rage.

“It’s fine if I was not at home, but you knew clearly that I returned to Banyan City a few days ago! How could you disrespect me like that! Joshua, do you even have any regard for me as your father?“

“What do you think, Dad?“

Joshua sat in the wheelchair. He swept Adrian an indifferent glance. He sneered.

“Ever since I was young, you have never cared for me. People used to say that it was because mom died giving birth to me, so you resented me and refused t o go home. You were not willing to face me. I used to believe that too. Although you don’t love me, I still respect you a lot, but…“

Joshua looked at Celia and Michael behind Adrian with a deep gaze. “It was until both of them appeared that I realized that you were different from what people said.

“You don’t want to get close to me and you don’t like me not because of your love for mom. It was because you long had a new lover.“

Joshua gently placed his teacup down. His gaze was calm, his tone was indifferent as well. “When you got together with Aunty Celia, you didn’t ask for mine and Granny Lynch’s opinion. When you gave birth to your illegitimate son, you have also never asked mine or Granny Lynch’s opinion…“

Then, Joshua smiled flatly. “So why should I inform you about my marriage with Luna?“

Adrian’s expressions fluctuate between blushing and turning pale.

“I’m your father! I don’t need to inform you about anything I do! “

“Yes, Joshua.“ Celia could not help but chime in, “No matter what, Adrian is your father. You should respect him, right?“

“A father like him…“ Joshua smiled and swept the three of them a cold gaze. “Does not deserve my respect.“

Then, he turned his wheelchair around. “Butler, send them off!“

The butler by the side immediately nodded and walked over. “Master Lynch and your family, please.“

Adrian was so furious his face flushed red. “Joshua Lynch, I am your father! If word got out about how terrible you are, how are you going to live in the future?“

Joshua’s back was facing them. He sneered, “Do you think I care?“

Adrian gritted his teeth and glared at Joshua’s back.

“I heard that you’ll be having your engagement ceremony at the Yacht Club Hotel tonight, right? Do you think I won’t dare to bring Michael to your engagement ceremony and expose you for who you are?! “

Joshua did not even look back.

“Then, I’ll have to remind the three of you. The place where you are currently staying in a hotel under the Lynch family. The person with the largest power is me. If you don’t want to be chased out to live in the streets, you could come to my engagement ceremony and cause trouble. “By then, I’ll make sure the entire Banyan City will see how you found a new lover not long after my mother’s death. I’ll let them see for how you truly are, a person who would return to Banyan City when I was unconscious, hoping to take over my fortune.”

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