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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1146

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1146


Joshua said so much a moment ago was just trying to be in a fake marriage with her?

What she said about not hating him but also not liking him…

Luna felt that she made a fool of herself. He must have thought that she was nuts.

Seeing Luna standing in the same spot, not replying to him, Joshua sighed rather helplessly. A hint of disappointment flashed across his eyes. “Luna, you should know that this is the best way to mess up

with Aura’s plans.“

Joshua’s words pulled Luna back to reality. She bit her lips and could not help but take a deep breath.

“O-Of…course. L-Let’s find s-some time to get engaged,“ Luna said, closed the door, and fled.


It was Joshua left in the room. He leaned by the head of the bed and looked at the tightly shut door. He smiled self-deprecatingly.

The scene where Luna found out that he was willing to marry her back then suddenly appeared in his mind. She was so excited she almost jumped up.

Back then, because she was about to marry him, she would be excited for days when she could not sleep.

However, at that moment, Luna…

Not mentioning a real marriage, even if it was a fake marriage, she had to consider it for a long time.

No matter what, Joshua had already lost Luna back then.

Two days later, news about Joshua and Luna’s engagement and their wedding happening a week later was the talk of the town. It was in every form of media.

All of the news headlines were brazenly reporting about them.

“One is the president of the Lynch Group, the other the Design Director of the jewelry design department. How did these two end up together?

We’ll be interviewing the deputy director, Shannon McCartney! “

“Hello, I’m Shannon McCartney! About Luna and President Lynch’s love story, we have to start from a few months ago…“


In a five -star hotel in Banyan City, Aura was looking at the news playing on the huge screen. She angrily threw the glass of water on the floor.

Luna and Joshua were actually getting engaged? They were going to have a wedding in a week!

Back then when she got engaged to Joshua, she waited for five years yet she did not even get a wedding! At that moment, he got engaged to Luna, yet they were about to have the wedding in less than

a week. Was he that anxious to be with Luna, to bring her home?

That b*stard! That b*tch!

She angrily glared at the photo of Luna and Joshua o n the tv screen. She gritted her teeth hard. She could not continue hiding waiting for things to happen.

When Luna truly became Mrs. Lynch, it would be too late to do the things that she wanted to do!

At that thought, she angrily picked up her phone and dialed a number. “Jake! Come to my room right now! There are things for you to do! “

Neil, on the other end of the line, did not hesitate for one bit. “Yes.“

He hung up and looked at Theo next to him, who was still eating. He sighed heavily.

“Uncle Theo, take care. Mother is calling for me.“

Theo nodded and continued eating his bread, not saying anything.

Aura did come through with her promise. She did, according to Neil’s request, locking Theo up in a different place.

However, she still starved him every day. Neil had to send food to Theo only then could Theo have food to eat.

The moment he turned to leave the room, Neil felt exhausted. Sometimes, he felt as if he was not his mother’s son, more like her slave.

The love and warmness normal kids get from their parents, he had none of them.

A few minutes later, Neil knocked on Aura’s door. ”Mother.”

Aura harrumphed coldly. ”Kneel ! ” Neil knelt.

Aura swept him a cold glance. ”Joshua and Luna are getting engaged. We have to move our plan forward.”

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