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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1145

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1145

Upon Joshua’s words, Luna’s hand, which was feeding Joshua, shuddered a little.

After a while, she looked away. “Stop joking around.“ She would not marry him.

Joshua furrowed his brows a little. He raised his pale hand and turned her face back. Forcing her to meet his gaze.

“Luna, although for the past few days I was unconscious, I heard every word you said to me. D-Do…you still hate me?“

Luna placed the plate down. She pried his hand away while furrowing her brows and explaining, “No. I don’t hate you anymore.“

No matter what he did, ever since Alice passed away, he did the best he could for her and her children. He even rescued her and her children many times, almost losing his life in the process. She could not use that bit of hatred she had for him to always be hostile toward him.

Also, for the past few days, Luna had always been by Joshua’s side. She was clear of her own feelings. She still could not let him go, she still missed him.

However, marrying him… She could not do it.

“Luna.“ Joshua looked at her with an endless, deep,

and affectionate gaze. “Since you don’t hate me, why “Joshua.“ Luna took a deep breath and interrupted him calmly, “I don’t hate you doesn’t mean I have to marry you.“

Luna slowly said amidst Joshua’s stunned expression, “I used to like you previously. I treated you like my entire world. My everything. But you know what happened later on.

“The accident six years ago crushed all my feelings for you.“

Then, Luna looked at Joshua and smiled. It was a bitter and rather self-deprecating smile. “Back then, I married you regardless of everything. You should know that I’m an emotional person with strong feelings.

“If I did not truly like someone, I would not have entered marriage with them. Back then, I really liked you, so I chose to marry you without any second thoughts. But, now, I…“

Luna looked at Joshua calmly. “I only don’t hate you anymore.“

Joshua was stunned. He looked at Luna closely. He was suddenly rendered speechless.

Yes. He had done so many things that hurt her previously. Where did he get the confidence to think that just because he was doing well recently, she could write off the past hatred she had for him and even fall in love with him once more?

Joshua thought too much. He was indulging in his fantasy.

Luna noticed the disappointment in his eyes. She bit her lips and fed him the rest of the food.

Joshua looked at Luna’s exquisite small face. He wanted to say something, but he said nothing.

The silence between them was suddenly so depressing it was suffocating.

Luna quietly fed Joshua all the food, then she got up and was about to head down.

When Luna was by the door, Joshua’s low and charming voice rang out, “I know that you don’t hate me anymore, you also don’t like me too, but…”

Joshua laughed bitterly, “Luna, don’t tell me you want to refuse a fake marriage too?”

Luna stopped in her tracks. Fake marriage.

Those words suddenly made Luna’s heart beat faster.

Before Joshua passed out, he did indeed mention a fake marriage. Their lovey-dovey act would surely lure Aura to take action.

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