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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1144

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1144

Nellie, by the side, pursed her lips. She said curtly, “ The moment they came they wanted to chase Nigel and me away. They said that this was their home in the future.

“Thankfully Nigel and I were smart enough. We said that there were two sets of keys to the villa. One is with Daddy, the other is in a safe buried under the lake by Daddy. They were anxious to look for the key, so they didn’t chase Nigel and me away.“

Upon Nellie’s words, Luna finally understood why Michael and Celia wanted to drain the lake. She furrowed her brows and ordered the servants to stop. “Stop the draining. There’s nothing in the lake.“

Upon Luna’s words, Michael and Celia’s face lost all of its colors.

The two adults were…tricked by two little brats!

“Looking for the key?“ Joshua smiled sarcastically. “ Why are the both of you looking for the key to the villa? Do you think that this villa is yours already?“

“No, no.“ Adrian immediately smiled and explained to Joshua, “It’s me… The moment I got off the plane I found out that you were injured and unconscious. Luna was taking care of you, so no one looked after the kids at Blue Bay Villa. So, I got both of them to come to the Blue Bay Villa to look after the kids on Luna’s behalf.

“They’re looking for the keys out of habit for staying abroad all these years. If they were staying in a place, they had to get the key so only they would feel safe. If not, they would be afraid that they can’t go home.“

Joshua sneered, turned, and swept a glance at Adrian. “How poor have you been for the past few years?

Don’t you know that this sort of villa only unlocks with a passcode and fingerprint?“

The three of their expressions changed a little. Of course, they knew that such a luxurious villa like the Blue Bay Villa would use fingerprints and passcodes as their lock.

However, if there were no keys, they would not be able to change the locks. They would also not be able to cancel other people’s fingerprints and change the passcode.

They wanted the Blue Bay Villa to themselves. Of course, they had to get the key…

“Yes, we have been living terribly all these years.“ It was Adrian who came to his senses first. He cleared his throat and immediately walked over to Michael and Celia. He took their hands, one on each side, turned around, and left.

“Joshua, they’re not very mature, if they caused any misunderstanding, please don’t take it too seriously. You finally came around, we won’t bother you spending time with your family…“

Then, Adrian pulled Michael and Celia along, leaving.

Joshua did not stop them at all. It was not because he wanted to let them go since they were his family, it was because…he was way too weak.

He had been out cold for seven whole days. Arguing with someone the moment he woke up was too taxing for him.

Looking at how haggard he looked, Luna immediately pushed him back to the villa. With the help of Lucas, they placed him on the huge bed in his bedroom.

Lily has long prepared some food and passed them to Luna. Luna sighed and sat next to the bed, feeding Joshua while sighing.

“Thank goodness you came around in time. If not, I don’t know what the children and I are going to do.“

Joshua looked at Luna’s petite face. He could not help but smile. “You’re the mother to my children, why should you be afraid of them?“

Luna sighed while feeding Joshua, “What good is being the mother to your children? Just like what your father said just now. I’m not legally your wife. I t would be easy for him to chase me away. If you did not come around, the three of us would most likely be on the streets tonight.“

Joshua leaned against the head of the bed and smiled.

“You’re right. It would be quite troublesome without the status of my wife.“

Then, Joshua turned to look at Luna seriously. “So, do you want to find a time to register, to become Mrs. Lynch?“

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