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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1141

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1141

Adrian’s slap did not land on Luna’s face. “Joshua?“

Luna’s eyes were closed. What she heard was Adrian’s surprised voice.

She was a little surprised. She subconsciously opened her eyes. In front of her was Joshua’s miserably pale and sweaty hand. He was clutching Adrian’s wrist.

Luna was surprised and delighted. She immediately turned around. Behind her, Joshua was kneeling on the bed. He was looking terrifyingly pale. His hospital gown was almost soaked through with sweat.

It seemed that getting up and clutching Adrian’s hand used up most of his energy.

“Lulu.“ Joshua gently called her out before letting go of Adrian’s hand and going limp.

“Joshua! “ Luna immediately rushed over and helped him up. “You’re awake! “

“Hmm.“ Joshua returned to the bed with Luna’s help. He smiled while saying in a feeble, hoarse voice, “If I still don’t get up, my children and wife are going to be chased away by someone else.“

Luna’s face inexplicably blushed upon Joshua’s words.

His children, that was right. However, was she considered his wife? At most, an ex-wife.

In the distance, Adrian saw Joshua gaining consciousness. His face fluctuated between blushing and turning pale.

After a long while, he collected his thoughts and smiled earnestly at Joshua. ”Joshua, you’re awake ! No wonder you’re my son! You’re lucky! “

Actually, the first day that Joshua passed out, Adrian had already known about it from Granny Lynch. The doctors said that Joshua only had a week left. He knew about that too. For the past six days, Adrian had been only observing. He felt that if Joshua could gain consciousness, he would have long come around. He would not wait until the last day.

That was why Adrian brought his wife and illegitimate son back that day. He wanted to take away the Lynch Group and everything under Joshua’s name while Joshua was sick.

He never would have thought that Joshua would wake up when there was only an hour or two left !

”Yes, I ‘in fortunate. Sorry to disappoint you, Dad.”

Joshua looked at Adrian’s face calmly. He sneered a little, ”You rushed all the way back from abroad, yet I came around. How terrible of me.”

Adrian’s expressions instantly turned ugly. He smiled a little. ”Joshua, what nonsense are you talking about? I’m happy that you’re up… ”

Joshua leaned against the bed and smiled. Although his smile was weak and it looked pale, it was suffocating at the same time.

”Then, why don’t I see any happiness on your face?”

Upon Joshua’s words, Lucas had already led the doctor in.

Seeing the doctor was about to help Joshua do a check

-up, Adrian immediately got up. “Joshua, since you’re quite busy here, I’ll make a move first. I’ll come again tomorrow.”

“Hold up.”

Joshua calmly called after Adrian who was by the door.

“The doctors only need a few minutes. Why are you so anxious to leave?”

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