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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1139

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1139

Adrian, who just barged in, glared at Luna. “What did you do to my son? I have only left Banyan City for more than a month, yet he’s already in bed, his life hanging by the thread! I heard that he turned out this way all because of you! You unlucky demon! “

Adrian’s still smelt of the cold breeze and antiseptic. Clearly, he had rushed over from the airport.

Luna stumbled backward a few steps due to the slap. Both legs hit the sides of Joshua’s bed brutally. The excruciating pain made her bend down. She could not stand straight.

Anne, behind her, quickly came over to help Luna up. “Luna, are you alright?“

Luna shook her head. Her left cheek was already swollen. There was a man’s handprint on the swollen part of her cheek. It was a terrifying sight to behold.

“You’re fine? “ Adrian harrumphed coldly. Then, he walked over to Luna. “It looks like I hit you too lightly! “

Then, he raised his hand and swung it at Luna once more.

Anne furrowed her brows and immediately reached her hands out. She wanted to grab hold of Adrian’s wrist. However, she was too weak. Facing a raging middle-aged man like Adrian, Anne’s strength was futile.

Adrian harrumphed coldly, “You overestimate yourself.” He flung Anne’s thin body to the side.

Then, he raised his hand again, swinging it at Luna. Thankfully, Zach and Yuri rushed forward at that moment. They seized hold of Adrian, one on each side. If they did not do that, Luna and Anne were no match for him!

Being seized by Zach and Yuri, Adrian swept a glance at Joshua on the bed, whose eyes were shut, sleeping peacefully. Instantly, his rage flared up once again. Adrian glared at Luna fiercely. ”My son turned out this way because of you! How dare you still show yourself here? Leave ! Leave at once !

Anne helped Luna up. Luna slowly returned to her chair with difficulty. Before she could say anything, the room door was pushed open.

Lucas hurriedly entered. ”Ma’am, I heard… ”

When he saw Adrian, Lucas stopped what he was saying. ”Master Lynch.”

Adrian looked at Luna, then looked at Lucas. He furrowed his brows tightly. ”What did you call her? Ma’am?”

He turned to look at Luna suspiciously. ”You got married to Joshua?”

Luna paused for a while. She shook her head. ”No.”

Upon receiving Luna’s answer, Adrian harrumphed coldly, ”Thank goodness Joshua did not marry this woman ! If not, if anything were to happen to Joshua, she would take away most of Lynch’s fortune!

”Thank goodness I came back in time. If I came back any later , this woman might sneakily do something to change the Lynch Group to the Luna Group! All while Joshua is passed out!”

Luna secretly clenched her fists by her side upon Adrian’s words.

“I see that you came back to Banyan City this time not to visit your sick son. You’re hoping that he meets in an accident so that you could inherit Lynch’s fortune, is that it?”

Adrian had been beating her and yelling at her from the moment he entered. At that moment, he kept talking about the Lynch Group’s assets.

From the beginning, he never asked a single question about how Joshua was doing, nor did he look at him.

In his eyes, Joshua, his own son, was not as important as the Lynch Group assets.

Adrian was infuriated instantly when Luna exposed his intentions.

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