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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1138

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1138

He sighed, “I get it. Even if my mother gets what she wants in the future, she would still not like me. She would still hit me and scold me, treating me as her burden. However, she is my mother. I will never be able to escape this in my entire life. So, I will try my best to make sure you get your happiness.“

Theo was utterly stunned at Neil’s words. He bit his lips.

“Jake, actually, this is not the case. Aura…“

Joshua had been lying on the bed in the hospital ward for six days.

For the past six days, Luna had not left him at all, keeping watch by his side.

The doctor said that although Joshua was no longer in danger if he did not gain consciousness within a week, the chances of him gaining consciousness would be much less.

He was likely to be in a vegetative state who can only lie in a hospital bed for the rest of his life.

“Luna, have some food. You’re gone thin.“

In the room, Anne looked at the haggard -looking Luna, she sighed a little. In a mere six days, Luna had already lost a lot of weight. She looked worn-down.

Whether it was Lucas, Anne, Bonnie, or Gwen who came to talk to her, Luna did not leave Joshua at all.

It was worrying to be in such a state. Although the doctor has said that Joshua had huge chances of gaining consciousness before that night…

However, everyone knew. If Joshua could wake up easily, he would have long since woken up. Why wait until the last few hours of the last day?

Luna did not accept Anne’s banana. She only lowered her head and looked at the time on her phone.

“It’s three in the afternoon now. There is still two to three hours before the time the doctors indicated.“

Luna lifted her head and smiled at Anne. Her smile was bright, yet it looked fragile too. “I won’t eat anything yet. I’ll eat with Joshua once he gains consciousness.“

Anne was even more heartbroken at Luna’s reaction. She walked over and gently grabbed Luna’s hand. “ Luna, have you ever thought, if…if Joshua does not gain consciousness for the rest of his life. What are you going to do?“

Luna slowly lowered her head upon Anne’s words. After a while, she could no longer hold back her tears.

Luna hugged Anne tightly. “I don’t know, Anne, I don’t know.

“I don’t know what to do anymore. Back then, I could boldly claim that Joshua owed it to me, that I hated him. His death would be karma. But, right now…he treated Fiona well because of Neil. He almost  died in Yellowstone Village because of Neil.

“Those first few stabs happened because he took the fall for me being ambushed. This stab, later on, was very possibly done by Neil who lost his memory…”

Luna’s tears soaked through Anne’s clothes. “He ended up like that because of us, because of me and my children. If he really doesn’t wake up, does that mean he won’t be able to hear our apologies? Does that mean I can’t apologize to him for the rest of my life?”

Anne hugged Luna. She wanted to say something to comfort Luna, but she could not find her words. In the end, she could only hug Luna tightly. Letting Luna cry and letting it all out.

“Let me in! I want to go in!”

At that moment, a loud argument came from outside.

Luna recognized that the voice belonged to Joshua’s father, Adrian. She let go of Anne, wiped her tears, and stood up. Luna was just about to walk to the door to have a look when the door was kicked open from the outside.

Adrian, whom she had not seen in a long while, entered angrily.


He slapped Luna violently on the face.

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