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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1137

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1137


The iron door of the old warehouse was pushed open with a piercing sound.

Neil pushed the door open and switched on the lights. He was in an abandoned warehouse filled with a moldy and rusty smell. The moment he turned on the light, he could see the dust particles in the air.

Neil furrowed his brows and covered his mouth and nose. He strode in.

The ground was covered in dust and hay. The dirty- looking Theo was being tied to an iron pole on the ground. His face was covered in dried -up blood and bruises.

Feeling the piercing light in his eyes, Theo instinctively cowered. After a while, when he saw that no one came to beat him up nor did the other person make any movements, only then did he slowly lift his head.

The moment he saw that it was Neil, his eyes brightened.

He opened his mouth and spat out in an extremely hoarse voice. “Neil…“

Neil sighed. He walked over, bent down, and cut the rope tying Theo. He said, “You better still call me Jake. Although I like this name, mother does not like it. You better not call me that in the future, in case she uses this as an opportunity to torture you.“

Theo’s gaze was a little emotional. He sighed and continued saying, “Jake, why are you here?“

“If I don’t come to see you, should I just leave you to die here?“ Neil rolled his eyes at Theo, then he took some food out of his backpack and stuffed it in Theo’s hands.

Theo, who had been starved for a few days, immediately munched on the bread. His eyes sparkled.

Neil sighed while taking the first aid kit out of his bag and disinfecting Theo’s wounds. He sighed a little and said, “Uncle Theo, weren’t you living quite well with us? Why did you try to escape and contact the outside world? Don’t you know that my mother… has a bad temper?“

Theo, who was eating bread, suddenly stopped.

After a while, he laughed bitterly, “Didn’t I tell you before, I have my own family.“

A few days ago, he saw the news that Nathan and Celeste Allen came to Banyan City again to sign the next season of agreement with the Lynch Group.

They were in Banyan City for two days.

After the accident, those two days had been the closest he had been with his parents. He even knew that they were staying in the hotel two blocks away from him.

Back then, Theo did not like his parents. He thought that they were too pedantic.


Who could truly let go of their family?

Therefore, he wanted to find a chance to run away, to secretly contact his parents, but Aura found out.

She got her men to beat him up and locked him

there. She said she was going to starve him to death. Neil sighed.

After a while, he looked at Theo with a firm gaze. “ Uncle Theo, you have saved my life before. If you want to reunite with your family, I will help you.

Mother has already agreed to change you to a better place to let you recuperate.

“A-After I finish everything that she asked of me, she will let you go.“

Theo was stunned. He could roughly guess what Aura was asking Neil to do. Theo furrowed his brows hard. “Jake, you don’t need to… I can do it myself…“

“Uncle Theo.“ Neil held Theo’s hand.

“I quite envy you that you still have other family members. They must have treated you well right, that is why you can’t forget them, not like me…

“You have a family and you could go somewhere else. You will live happily in the future. Me, on the other hand…“

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