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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1136

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1136

“Did you call the ambulance?“ Neil was silent for a while. “No.“

“You dare say no?“ Aura instantly frowned upon Neil’s words. Her gaze was resentful.

“The person that called on your behalf has already admitted to it! Jake Landry. You’re smart. You did not call the ambulance yourself, but you got the

bodyguard who went along with your call for you!

“Joshua was barely injured for three minutes then he was rescued! Didn’t I tell you that I want him almost dead on the beach? You only stabbed him once and called the ambulance in time. Is he your family or am I your family?“

Neil remained kneeling on the floor. He did not lift his head.

“Mother, when I went there, I saw a stab wound on his body. It was deep as well. He also said that he purposely went for a cortisone shot to celebrate someone’s birthday. That was why he looked

normal. I saw how weak he looked, so I only stabbed him once and called for the ambulance…“

Neil took a deep breath, lifted his head, and looked at Aura calmly.

“You have also said before that Joshua is my father. We came back to Banyan City to get rid of Luna and her two children so that we can be reunited with Joshua.

“You only wanted to teach him a lesson, to let him know that you and I have returned, that’s all. When I saw his injuries, I thought if I were too cruel, he would have lost his life on the spot, that was why I held back.“

Then, Neil bit his lips.

“We cannot let Joshua Lynch die at this moment, if not, I won’t be able to inherit his fortune, you would not be able to kick Luna away to become the true Mrs. Lynch too, mother. What do you say?“

Aura’s anger dissipated upon Neil’s words. “That’s more like it.“

She harrumphed coldly, fished a set of keys from her pocket, and threw it at Neil. “This is the key to the room where Theo is being locked up in. Go.“

When she threw the keys, it directly hit Neil in the face. There was a red gash on Neil’s fair skin. The edge of the keys even poked him in the corner of his eyes.

However, it was as if he felt nothing. He picked the keys up and slowly stood up. “Thank you, mother.“

Then, he turned and left.

Aura leaned back on the chair, looking at Neil leaving. She sneered, “This time, I’ll let Theo go. If he still dares to contact the outside world without my permission and escapes, I won’t be so merciful anymore.“

Neil stopped in his tracks. He clenched his fists tightly. “I understand.“

Neil closed his eyes. “What you said before still counts, right?”

Aura furrowed her brows. “What?”

“You previously said…” Neil took a deep breath. His voice was rather hoarse. “You said that if I were to obey you and do whatever you asked, helping you get rid of Luna and her two children, helping you become Mrs. Lynch and have a right to the inheritance to the Lynch Group…

“You would let Uncle Theo go so that he could reunite with his family. Does all this still count?” Aura paused for a while, then she smiled. “Of course. As long as you help me get everything that I want, I’ll be merciful and let that idiot go home.”

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