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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1126

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1126

“Two hours.“

“Okay.“ Luna took a deep breath. “I’ll send you off at the airport.“

“Send me off?“ On the other end of the phone, Christian was surprised at the unexpected show of affection. “Aren’t you supposed to be celebrating your birthday right now? Why…“ He paused. “You didn’t go?“

“Yeah.“ Luna sniffed, “I don’t like celebrating my birthday. “ With that, she did not say much else and ended the call, hailed a taxi, and headed for the airport.

She did not want to go home to Blue Bay Villa. Neither did she want to go to Anne’s apartment. She did not want anyone to find her. She knew anyone who found her right now would scold her for her actions just now, and tell her once again how much effort Joshua poured into tonight’s celebrations.

She did not need all that. So, she decided to go send Christian off at the airport. It was late at night, no one would guess that she would go to the airport.

Some peace and quiet would be appreciated.

Soon, the taxi slid to a stop outside the airport. After meeting Christian, Luna immediately switched off her phone.

“So you left your birthday party like that?“ In the airport, Christian leaned back on his chair and turned and looked at Luna. “Everyone calls me a kid

even though I’m already 19, but someone else already has six-year-old children but is still acting like a child.“

Luna side -eyed him coldly and grabbed the lemon juice in his hands, broke the seal, and took a sip. “I came all the way here to see you not so you could give me a lecture.“

Christian slung an arm over the back of the chair and could not help but shake his head at her. “Both you and Uncle Joshua still have feelings for each other, why are you torturing each other like this?“

Luna snorted as she took a sip of the lemon juice. “I had feelings for him once, but not anymore. As for him…“

A sneer appeared on the corners of her lips. “He never loved me.“ Whether it be six years ago, or right now. To Joshua, she was dispensable.

Otherwise, even though he clearly knew that she hated it, he would not use the children to play a prank on her time and time again.

Christian glanced at Luna, then sighed deeply. He pursed his lips. “Then, do you think he loved Fiona?”

Luna shrugged. “Of course.” Even though Joshua now denied that he ever loved Fiona. But his biases and infatuation with her were obvious. Neither Aura nor Alice ever enjoyed such love and acceptance.

“To tell you the truth…“ Christian took a deep breath, raised his eyes, and stared fixedly at Luna. “To tell you the truth, Joshua never loved Fiona. I swear.”

Luna paused. A moment later, she could not help but laugh, “You don’t know him, and you’re swearing on his behalf?”

“You’re the one who doesn’t know him.” Christian stood in his spot, lowered his eyes, and took a glimpse of the time. “I need to board the plane soon, so I’ll keep things short.”

He took a deep breath. “Even though you kept telling me that you’re the one who knows Joshua best in the world, you know how cruel and ruthless he is…but in fact, Luna, I don’t think you know Joshua at all.

When you see him being nice to Fiona, you immediately jump to the conclusion that he loves Fiona, but in fact…”

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