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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1123

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1123

Ending the call, Luna took a deep breath, feeling lost and anxious.

She considered calling the police. But Aura was so watchful and vigilant, if she called the police… She was worried Nellie and Nigel would be in danger.

Even if she successfully protected Nellie and Nigel, what about Neil? If the police came and saved Nigel and Nigel, Aura would definitely take out her anger on Neil.

It was not worth the risk. So she had no choice but to stride forward alone.

At this thought, she clutched the phone tightly in her hand and stared out the window anxiously.

They had to be safe. Nellie and Nigel had to be safe!

The entire journey from Blue Bay Villa to the beach, Luna’s heart pounded wildly in her chest. She did not know what Aura had in mind, neither did she know what would be waiting in store for her once she arrived there. She also wondered whether she could call for help…

Just like that, with a wildly pounding heart, Luna arrived at the beach. Stepping out of the car, she walked along the beach, searching for any signs of the children.

The beach that was usually crowded was completely empty, the entire area worryingly quiet.

There were no streetlights on the beach, with every

step she took, Luna’s heart beat anxiously in her chest, the only sounds drifting into her ear were the gentle crash of the waves against the beach and the flapping of seagulls’ wings.

The longer she searched, the more desperate she grew, the loom of despair growing larger and larger. She was afraid she would not be able to find Nellie and Nigel, afraid that the slip of paper was just a cruel joke to torment her.

If she failed to find the children here, where could she go to look for them? Surely she had other options besides just sitting and waiting for Aura to make the first move?

Finally, she walked to the entrance to the Castle Hotel located on the beach. She was surprised to see that the usually brightly lit hotel was completely dark at the moment.

Standing in front of the hotel, she was lost and confused.

She forced the tears and despair down, and was about to call Bonnie when “Mommy! “ A bright, childish voice rang across the beach.

Luna paused, it was Nellie’s voice! She turned around immediately and looked in the direction where Nellie’s voice came from

Instantly, the entire hotel was brightly lit. Fireworks exploded across the dark, night sky. The birthday song was heard from the beach, loud and joyful.

Nellie and Nigel sat on both ends of a little cart, each holding a bouquet of flowers in their hands. In the middle of the cart was a huge three-layered cake.

The man pushing the cart was Joshua whom she had not seen in a long time. Behind him stood Bonnie, Shannon, Gwen, Anne… Even Samson, Zayne, and Arianna were present.

All of her friends and colleagues were there.

The initially quiet and empty beach was instantly crowded. Everyone gathered around her slowly, singing the happy birthday song.

Luna stood in her spot, dazed. Her emotions switched from fear and despair, to shock, surprise, and even — — anger.

Finally, Joshua pushed the children and the cake in front of her. Nellie and Nigel jumped down from the cart and stuffed the flowers into her lap. “Mommy, happy birthday! “

Nellie smiled cheekily as she looked at Luna. To mend the bond between Joshua and Luna, she purposely gave all the credit for tonight’s celebrations to her father. “You must be so surprised, right?! Daddy prepared this surprise birthday party for you! “

Luna held the flowers and tried her best to force a smile onto her face. But she failed. When everyone was happily celebrating her birthday, she could not find it in her to be happy at all.

This surprise was not at all welcome, not at all fun.

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