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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1120

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1120

The scene in front of her eyes threw Luna into a daze for a few short moments.

How could it be him? Where was Theo?

Seeing her, Joshua curled his lips and laughed lightly. He sat on the piece of rock elegantly, his gaze calm and indifferent as he looked at her. “Stop looking, I was the one who called you here.“

Luna’s eyebrows screwed tightly together. She looked at him, her voice cold as she said, “If you want to see me, you can just call me directly. Why would you choose to play a game of cloak and daggers?“

Sending her a text message and even requesting to meet at a place like this. She really thought it was from Theo and ran here with a sprained ankle! But at last, it turned out to be Joshua? What did he have to say to her that could not be conveyed over the phone?

“For formality’s sake.“ The evening sunlight was dim and there were no streetlights in the alley so Luna could not get a clear look at Joshua’s expression, but nevertheless, she could hear the laughter in his voice. “I wanted to ask, have you considered my offer to marry me?“

Luna sucked in a cold breath. Did he go to all that trouble, just for this?

“I told you, I won’t marry you, there’s nothing to consider! “ With that, she turned and left. After

taking a few steps away, she turned around as if she suddenly remembered something. ”And, don’ t do something like this again, I don’t have so much time to waste playing games with you.” Leaving these words behind, she strode away on her high heels.

Her ankle that she sprained in her rush to get there hurt with every single step as if it was mocking her for her naivete. Luna endured the pain and fled the alley. She refused to expose her injury in front of him, she would not allow herself to become his laughing stock.

After her figure disappeared down the end of the alley, Joshua finally closed his eyes, removing his hand that had been pressing on the wound on his stomach.

”Sir, are you okay?” Lucas hurriedly rushed forward to help him sit up. ”The ambulance is waiting at the entrance to the alley, I’ll ask them to drive here now! “

”Alright.” Joshua closed his eyes, even his voice sounded weak, like mere breaths of air. He knew that Fiona’s henchmen were waiting to ambush Luna, so he rushed over in a hurry…but he never expected there would be so many of them. He did not bring enough men, but because he was too worried Luna would arrive before he did, he drove the car straight into the alley, and instead fell into their trap.

When Luna arrived, Joshua was sitting on the piece of rock without moving because the numerous knife wounds on his belly hurt so badly that he could barely stand. He was waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

“Sir, why are you doing this?” Seated in the ambulance, Lucas stayed by his side as always and sighed, “From Mrs. Lynch’s tone…she sounds very angry. She must think you’re just toying with her. Why don’t you tell her the truth, tell her that you arrived beforehand to protect her?”

Joshua lay on the stretcher, his eyes closed, a bitter laugh bubbling from his lips. “I don’t want her to worry. I also don’t want her to feel indebted to me.”

Lucas did not understand. “Why not? If she thinks she’s indebted to you and will never be able to repay your kindness, she might agree to marry you.”

Joshua closed his eyes and laughed bitterly, “So you think I’m so pathetic that I need a woman to feel indebted to me in order to make her marry me?”

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