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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1119

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1119

“So you rejected Joshua’s suggestion…“

In the evening, Anne sat before the floor-to-ceiling window of the coffee shop, stirring the coffee in her hands, as she sighed and glanced at the woman in front of her. “So now all you can do is wait for Aura to make a move?“ With that, she sighed and took a sip of her coffee.

“Actually I think pretending to marry Joshua is a pretty good idea. See, it’s been quite some time since Aura returned to the city. Even though Fiona was around previously, Fiona would never obey her every command. Even so, Aura remained calm and collected. Both Joshua’s and Bonnie’s men conducted a city-wide search for her but still failed to find her…“

She lifted her eyes and looked at Luna. “Maybe marrying Joshua would really throw her off her feet.“

Luna curled her lips and rolled her eyes at Anne helplessly. “Firstly, Joshua suggested marriage, not pretending to be married. Secondly, even if it’s just pretending  to be married…I  wouldn’t do it either. “

Her life with him was a nightmare. She did not want to fall into another nightmare.

But most importantly… Even though Joshua was a jerk, she had to admit, his looks, his body, his demeanor, his manner of speech… All of these points fulfilled her beauty standards completely.

She had finally learned to hate him, so she did not want to get in close contact with him, nor did she want to be exposed to his charms from such a close distance.

She was afraid her hatred for him would waver.

Seeing her resolute rejection, Anne sighed, “Then you have no choice…but to beat her at her own game, be even calmer than she is and wait for her to make the first move.“

Luna curled her lips. “I have a spy beside her.“

Theo said that he would contact her the moment he got the chance. The moment the words left her mouth, her phone rang. It was a message from an unfamiliar number. The message read, ‘I’m waiting for you in the eighth alley in the south of the city, come quickly.’

Reading the message on her phone screen, the corners of Luna’s lips lifted slightly. The moment she thought about him, his message arrived on her phone.

Not many people knew this number of hers. Besides Theo, no one else would send her such a message at a time like this.

Taking a deep breath, Luna immediately replied, ‘I’ll be there as soon as I can.’ After typing out her reply, she hurriedly stood up. “I need to go, my spy wants to see me.“

Anne pursed her lips and was about to say something but the woman in front of her had already left in a gust of wind.

In the eighth alley in the south of the city.

Reading the words ‘I’ll be there as soon I can’ on the screen of his phone, a man raised his head and glanced at the man beside him. “Boss, she fell for it.“

The man scoffed and stubbed out his cigarette, then took a few fruit knives from his bag and distributed them to the few men surrounding him. “When the woman is here, stab her however you can, we need to kill her to avenge Ms. Blake! “

“Yes, sir! “

After leaving the coffee shop, Luna took a taxi and headed directly to the alley. She did not expect to get stuck in rush-hour traffic. When she reached the alley, she was ten minutes late. She ran into the alley, her heels clicking frantically on the ground.

After all, Theo snuck out to meet her, she was worried he would run out of time and be discovered. So, she ran with all her might, ignoring the sprain in her ankle, all she could think about was meeting Theo as soon as possible to try and find out more news about Aura and Neil.

However, she never expected…

When she arrived at the alley, the smile of rusty iron permeating the air, waiting for her at the end of the alley, was Joshua, sitting on top of a piece of rock. Behind him, Lucas was busy ordering a few of their bodyguards about.

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