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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1116

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1116

“All along, Aura hated seeing us together. From the incident six years ago when you thought I was having an affair with her, until your accident which she staged, she did all of that because she was jealous of our relationship. Later when you returned to Banyan City, she tried to harm Nellie and Neil several times, also as an attempt at tearing us apart. And now she’s helped Fiona multiple times, also to achieve the same purpose.“

He lifted his head and stared fixedly at Luna’s delicate features. “She must know that you and I are far from in love. If we announce our marriage now, she will be thrown off guard. I ‘m sure she will make a move. Once she does make a move, we can seize the opportunity and bring Neil home.“

His words were reasoned and well thought out, the logic behind them clear and impeccable.

Luna bit her lip. She had to admit, his plan made a lot of sense. But…

She lifted her lips in a sneer, “I will not make the same mistake twice. I cannot allow myself to be blinded twice. That’s why I do not agree.“

Even though right now it seemed like marrying Joshua was a good chance to force Aura out of the shadows, neither did she want nor was she willing to get involved with Joshua in such a manner again.

In the past, because the Lynch family forced Joshua to marry Hailey Walter, Luna married him without a moment’s hesitation, thus beginning her continuous nightmare.

And now, she was going to fling herself into the fiery pit again just to force Aura’s hand?

No, she could not do it. She believed if Neil did not lose his memories, he would not want her to make this choice too.

Joshua was not surprised by her rejection. He stared at her and laughed, ”And I thought you’re willing to sacrifice anything for your children. I overestimated you.”

Luna’s hands tightened into fists by her side. She knew he was just trying to rile her up so she would snap and agree. But she had to admit , he got on her nerves successfully.

She sucked in a deep breath and stood up. ”I am indeed willing to sacrifice anything and everything for my children. Anything but marrying you.”

She lifted her head and met his eyes fearlessly. ” Marriage isn’t child’s play; I already made a mistake once. All those years ago you promised you would spend a few years trying to love me, and you were confident you would succeed. Like a silly little girl, I believed you, but what awaited me was your continuous indifference, and finally, your betrayal. Even when there was a promise between us, I always died, together with the lives of our four children.

Now that there’s no promise tying us together and we’ re only getting married for the children… Once the problem with Aura is solved and you find yourself a new girlfriend, will my three children and I be safe from your clutches?”

Joshua frowned. ”To you, I’m such a cold and emotion less man, one who is capable of falling in love so easily?”

”What do you think, Mr. Lynch?”

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