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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1114

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1114

“Mr. Lynch, do you know a highly-skilled hacker?” He still remembered during their face-off, how the other hacker almost destroyed all of his security systems within an hour.

If he did not come up with an emergency plan in the nick of time and switch his IP address, he would have been discovered immediately! That hacker was working for Joshua!

Joshua’s hand that was feeding the spoon into his mouth paused in mid-air. “Hacker?” He lifted his eyes and glanced at his son faintly. “No.”

“I’m sure you do!” The little boy bit his lip, his dark, obsidian eyes stared fixedly at Joshua. “I encountered him once, he’s extremely skilled! I was no match for him! Mr. Lynch, even though I don’t know the contents of the CCTV recording that was destroyed, if you ask that hacker, he might be able to retrieve the lost recordings! Because my code did not destroy the recordings, the recordings were merely hidden!”

With that, he fell silent for a while then lifted his head. “It’ll be even better if you can introduce that master hacker to me.”

Joshua curled his lips into a faint smile and chuckled lightly, “You already know him.”

When Nigel was lost in his confusion, the door to the villa was pushed open. Lucas stepped in, looking extremely exhausted and worn out. He hurried over to them with a laptop in his arms and a few hard drivers and placed the items on the coffee table. “Sir, these are all destroyed hard drives that you wanted me to collect. And you wanted me to buy the most powerful laptop currently available on the market, this is it.“

“Alright.“ Joshua placed his cutlery onto the table elegantly and stood up, striding over to the sofa and taking a seat. As he switched on the laptop, he said faintly, “Nigel, come.“

Nigel, who was still busy eating, frowned but did not move. “Why?“

“Don’t you want to know how to decrypt your own code?“ The moment the words left Joshua’s mouth, the little boy immediately jumped down from his chair and flew to his father’s side.

Joshua connected the destroyed hard drive to the laptop with familiar movements, his long fingers flying across the keyboard elegantly. Sitting beside him, Nigel stared fixedly at the laptop screen

without blinking. The expression in his big eyes turned from initial confusion into slack-jawed shock Finally, all that was left was utter worship and adoration.

No wonder Joshua said that he had already met the master hacker. The master hacker was Joshua himself!

At this realization, Nigel grew so agitated that he almost jumped up from the sofa! The problem that had been troubling him for days was decrypted by Joshua within minutes!

Age and experience made a huge difference after all. Joshua Lynch was not a good-for-nothing jerk after all!

Sitting at the dining table, Luna watched her son’s agitated expression and Joshua’s solemn demeanor as his fingers typed the codes into the laptop, a mix of emotions bubbling in her chest.

“You’re done decrypting it? So soon?” Ten minutes later, Nigel stared at the screen of the laptop and gasped in shock.

Hearing the little boy’s tone of astonishment, both Nellie and Luna hurriedly huddled over to them.

The family of four kept their eyes locked on the screen. Joshua clicked on the CCTV recording.

Nellie’s eyes widened in shock, pressing a hand over her mouth instinctively. “Is that Neil?”

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