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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1113

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1113

“Sir.“ Lucas’ helpless voice drifted over the phone. “ We got the hospital’s CCTV recording from that day, but…“

He remained silent for a moment, then finally sighed, “That afternoon, the hospital’s surveillance system was attacked by a hacker, many of the hard drives were destroyed, and the portion of the recording that you wanted…was amongst one of the destroyed hard drives. Therefore…the CCTV recording from that day is now nothing but a long list of unintelligible codes.“

Joshua narrowed his eyes. “Take a photo of the codes and send them to me.“

“Yes, sir.“ Then, Lucas took a deep breath and said, “ Sir, the CCTV recordings are lost for the time being but I contacted the bodyguards who were on duty that day. Do you want them to go to Orchard Manor or Blue Bay Villa?“

“They don’t need to go anywhere.“ Joshua frowned, his voice sounding low and indifferent as he said, “ Tell them to get back to work, I don’t need to see them anymore.“

Since the other party attacked the hospital’s surveillance system the moment Fiona left the hospital, that meant they did not want anyone to have video evidence of the days’ happenings. That alone was enough to prove that the bodyguards did not lie. Otherwise, the other party did not have to go out of their way and attack the hospital’s surveillance system.

Very soon, Lucas sent the photos of the codes seen in the recordings to Joshua. When he received the photos, coincidentally, Nigel and Nellie both came downstairs to have breakfast. When they walked past their father, Nigel glanced casually at the screen of his cell phone and was stunned by what he saw.

“This code…“

Joshua raised his eyebrows and glanced at his son. “ You know it?“

Nigel remained silent for a moment, then finally sighed, “It’s one of the codes I wrote. It can be used to attack surveillance systems, in the end, even hard drives will be destroyed.“ The little guy scratched his head as he spoke, “But…I just wrote this code as a joke, to scare our godfather. I’ve never used it

before. How could it…“

Hearing the little boy’s words, Luna’s hands tightened into fists at her side. She pursed her lips and side -eyed Nigel. “This program, did you…teach it to him?“ The ‘him’ she referred to was Neil.

Nigel nodded. “Yeah, I taught him everything.“ Then, he paused. “Whose surveillance system was attacked?“

Joshua did not reply to his son’s question, instead, he opened his mouth faintly and complimented him. “ The code is quite well-written. Can you decrypt the code that you wrote yourself?“

The little guy sighed helplessly at his father’s question, then turned and jumped onto the chair. “I can’t.“

This problem had been troubling him for a long time. Every time he wrote a code, he would try his best to perfect him, but he always forgot to prepare a safety net for himself. So, when his codes or techniques were used against him, he was like a lamb to the slaughter and had no way of defending himself.

Seeing her brother’s mood turn foul because of this again, Nellie smiled brightly and comforted him, saying, “It’s fine, Nigel, don’t be sad. If you think about it, this just shows how good you are! You are your only opponent! “

Neil sighed, “I’m not actually that good, when we were living abroad, I met someone who was even more skilled than I am. He almost broke through my firewall, and…”

He paused, lifting his head in the middle of his sentence as if he suddenly recalled something important.

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