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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1111

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1111

At Nellie’s words, Joshua instantly grew silent. A long while later, he looked at her seriously. “You… really hope that Daddy can make Mommy stay?“

“Of course! ” Nellie pursed her lips. “How can there be children who don’t want their parents to be together forever? Besides, “ The little girl sniffed, “ even though you did something very bad…but when Nigel returned home from Yellowstone Village, he told me that you and Mommy still love each other. To save Nigel and Mommy, you almost fell off the cliff and died. To stop you from falling off the cliff, Mommy clutched onto your hand tightly, refusing to let go. In the end, she was so tired she fainted…“

Nellie raised her head, her pair of bright, jewel—like eyes stared fixedly at her father. “Isn’t this like a fairy tale where the prince and princess fall in love with each other?“

Joshua laughed at the little girl’s serious expression. He lifted his lips and raised his hand and pinched her cheek, as if he had made up his mind. “Then…should I try my best?“

Nellie’s big eyes lit up instantly, filled with surprise and delight. “Really?“

Joshua nodded, his gaze firm and resolute. “Yeah. “

“That’s perfect! “ The little girl jumped off the bed and onto the floor excitedly. “That’s perfect! “

Her excited voice drifted through the door of the guestroom and into Luna’s ears. At that moment, she had just finished preparing breakfast for four of them and was serving the food onto the table.

Hearing her daughter’s voice, she frowned, realizing that Nellie and Joshua were awake. So, she lifted her legs and headed over, knocking softly on the door. ” Nellie?”

Inside the door, Nellie was running around in glee. However, she froze and turned silent the moment she heard her mother’s voice. She raised her head and met Joshua’s eyes.

He placed his finger on his lips, indicating for her to keep their previous discussion a secret. Nellie nodded. After receiving a confirmation nod from his daughter, Joshua stood up and opened the door.

Outside, Luna stood at the entrance with an apron tied around her waist. She smiled brightly and looked at Nellie. ”What made you so happy so early in the morning?”

Nellie piled an extremely happy smile on her face and ran toward Luna, taking her mother’s hand in hers, and said, ”Daddy said he’s going to take Nigel and I to the amusement park! I haven’t visited an amusement park with Nigel before !

Seeing her daughter so agitated, Luna sighed and ruffled the little girls’ head gently. ”It’s not like you haven’ t been to an amusement park before, you’re making a big deal out of nothing.”

With that, she pointed to the breakfast on the table. ” Go upstairs and wake up your brother. Brush your teeth, then come down for breakfast.”

”Okay! ” Seeing Luna remain completely ignorant of her deal with her father, Nellie rushed upstairs excitedly. The moment she climbed up a step, she turned and glanced at Joshua, as if she remembered something, then curled her hand into a hand fist, wishing him all the best. “Daddy, good luck! “ With that, the little girl bounded upstairs.

Luna frowned, turned, and glanced at Joshua in confusion. “What good luck?“

“Nothing.“ He coughed slightly, then lifted his eyes and looked in the direction of the dining table. On the table, plates of piping hot food were served.

There were four plates.

Joshua narrowed his eyes slightly, then turned and glanced at Luna out of the corners of his eyes. “I thought you would chase me out of the door the moment I woke up.“

Luna paused, then coughed slightly, turning away from him. “Why would I? Since you spent the night here, you’re my guest. How can I chase my guest away without even offering him breakfast?“

He hummed softly in agreement, “That’s true.“

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