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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1108

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1108

Luna interrupted Joshua just in time. ”Mr. Lynch.” She looked at him with a sneer on her face. ”Did you forget that Fiona almost killed my son a few days ago? The dinner tonight is to celebrate the fact that both my son and I survived and escaped out of her hands. Do you think I would like to listen…about your past with Fiona?”

At her words, Joshua’s confession that ‘actually Fiona is Nigel’s bone marrow donor’ stuck in his throat, never to see the light of day. He remained quiet for a minute, then laughed bitterly. ”You’re right, this is not the right time. In the future, when the time is right, I will tell you the truth.” With that, he turned and took Nellie, who lay asleep on the bench, into his arms, and walked in the direction of the villa. ”Don’t worry, I’ll be sleeping in the guest room tonight. ” He paused. ”I ‘in staying here…only because I missed the children too much. ” Then, he lifted his legs and strode away.

More than two months had passed since the day he asked Luna and the children to move out to truly rest and recuperate. More than two months had passed since he had spent time with Nellie and Nigel.

Luna stood in her spot and watched as Joshua carried Nellie carefully into the villa, her lips pursed together tightly. She had to admit, she did not understand this man. When he was cold and heartless, the thought of him alone sent a chill down her spine. But when he was serious, somehow, he seemed like a loyal and loving man.

Like right now.

When he left the Blue Bay Villa, he was not even willing to pay for Nellie’s and Nigel’s medical expenses. Right now, he was holding Nellie as if she was his only priced treasure which he valued the most in the world.

Which side of him was the true him? Or was the current side of him also nothing but an act?

She did not know, she might not know even if she spent her whole life pondering this mystery.

”Mommy. ” After Joshua carried Nellie and walked inside the villa, Nigel, who had been sitting in the corner tapping away at his laptop, finally put down his computer and came to Luna’s side.

The little guy held her hand quietly. ”I looked into it, a florist nearby delivered the flowers to you. The worker first went to a hotel in the city and collected the card, then sent the flowers here. I checked out from the hotel, and the person checked out after the card was retrieved. I traced the phone call the person made to the florist and tried to track the phone number. Finally, I found out his location… ” He scratched his head irritably. “It’s in Africa.”

Luna was startled, then she smiled. She knelt down, raised her hand, and stroked his hair softly. “So, the other party knew that you would investigate, so they changed the phone’s location, right?”

Nigel nodded; his tiny, palm -sized face filled with gloom. ”But Mommy, I invented my own tracing method. It worked every single time , I don’ t know why it was detected this time.” He sighed, his small features crumpling up together. “I think he must be the person who bound the virus I created to Fiona’s video. He knows me too well, almost as if he’s a roundworm living inside. Every single time, he can predict my next step and use my own method against me.”

Hearing Nigel’s words, Luna, a complete hacking illiterate could not help but feel curious. “Who else besides you know about your methods and techniques?”

Nigel pondered her question carefully. “I once taught Neil.”

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