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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1107

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1107

Looking at the card in her hands, Luna instantly felt a chill down her spine. She could not be more familiar with the handwriting on the card.

Aura was once an uncultured woman with terrible handwriting. Later, Luna advised her she needed to train herself to write beautifully to match her looks. So, Luna bought her some tracing paper, supervising her as she practiced writing every day. Aura’s beautiful and neat handwriting was achieved with Luna’s help.

And now, this elegant cursive which was the product of Luna’s hard work and effort appeared before her eyes again in such a manner.

“What’s wrong?“ Watching as Luna stared at the card without, still as a statue, Joshua frowned and walked toward her. Immediately, he saw the words on the card. The crease between his eyebrows grew even deeper. He took out his phone. “Lucas, find out where the flowers Luna just received came from. And the person who placed the order…“

“No.“ Before Joshua could finish his sentence, Luna interrupted him. She lifted her head and pointed to the words on the card. “Don’t you recognize this handwriting?“

Joshua swept his eyes across the card and looked at Luna in confusion without speaking. Seeing his blank look, Luna could not help but narrow her eyes. “You really don’t recognize this?“

Joshua did not answer. But he could vaguely tell from the meaning of the sentence who the flowers and the card came from.

Luna scoffed, ”Mr. Lynch, you were her fiancé for five years, but you don’t even recognize her handwriting?”

Joshua glanced at her deeply. ”I told you, I got engaged to her because of you. I never loved her; we didn’t even interact much… So , is it so weird that I don’t recognize her handwriting?”

Luna sneered and put down the bouquet of flowers, tucking the card away. ”Is this how you treat your past girlfriends after breaking up? You’ll draw a line between yourselves so ruthlessly? So to you now, you never loved Fiona either?”

Joshua’s entire body stiffened slightly at her words. The next second, he narrowed his eyes and replied, ” It’s true, I never loved Fiona.”

Being with her, cherishing her, and protecting her… That was all because of Nigel’s bone marrow.

Luna laughed out loud. In the six years that she lived abroad, she did not know how Joshua and Aura treated each other. But she saw clearly with her own two eyes how he loved and spoiled Fiona. And now that she was dead and he no longer loved her, he could completely deny his love for her.

What a cold and heartless man.

At this thought, Luna was even glad that she herself never experienced his love and affection. Otherwise, being ‘loved’ by him and then forgotten so easily…

She would definitely be more heartbroken than she was right now.

Seeing that Luna remained completely unconvinced, Joshua sighed and said, ”Luna, actually, I have been hiding the truth from you all along. I was with Fiona, not because I had feelings for her, but because… ”

” Stop.”

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