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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1106

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1106

“You’re welcome.“ The little girl blinked innocently and pointed at the empty couple’s seat in the near distance. “Daddy, that seat is yours and Aunt Shannon’s. The seat you’re sitting in now belongs to Aunt Bonnie.“

Joshua lifted his eyes and glanced at the seat that could only fit one and a half people at most, his gaze darkening slightly. These seats for two that were intentionally designed to be too big for one person and too small for two…were couple seats, right?

His expression grew even more ugly. He lifted his eyes and glanced at Luna coldly. “Ms. Luna, you arranged for a couple’s itinerary for Shannon and me?“

Luna bit her lip, took a deep breath, and turned and swept her eyes at Christian. “Didn’t you say that Shannon will be bringing her boyfriend?“

Christian paused; only then did he remember… Back then when Luna asked him whether Shannon would be bringing her boyfriend… He answered yes…

Another period of deathly silence dominated the crowd. Finally, Luke who remained silent sighed and glanced at Joshua indifferently, “Forget it, it’s just a small misunderstanding. Since you’re here, let’s have dinner together.“

Joshua narrowed his eyes but did not speak.

Luna shifted her eyes to Shannon, standing stock- still at the entrance to the little garden. “Come on in.“

Shannon bit her lip and walked carefully to the couple’s seat arranged by Luna and sat down. “I didn’t do it on purpose…I had no choice…“

When Luna walked beside her to set the table for her, Shannon could not help herself and lowered her voice, saying, “President Lynch, he…“

“It’s fine.“ Luna lifted her lips and muttered the two words lightly. She did not put the blame on Shannon. After all, Shannon was just an employee, she could not reject any of Joshua’s requests or commands.

The dinner continued on. Because Joshua had taken Bonnie’s seat and Bonnie, in turn, sat in Christian’s seat, so Christian had no choice but to stuff himself into the couple’s seat with Shannon.

With Joshua’s arrival, the crowd that had been teasing Luna and Christian stopped their jokes and buried their faces in their bowls.

Luna planned for the dinner to go on for three or four hours, but within two hours it was over. After bidding the last of the guests goodbye, Luna returned to the little garden and glanced at Joshua who sat in the corner, his expression dark and stormy. “Mr. Lynch, it’s time, aren’t you leaving?“

Joshua lifted his head and glanced at her with indifferent eyes. “Ms. Luna, you seem to have forgotten that this is Blue Bay Villa. A property under my name.“

Luna frowned. “What do you mean?“

“I plan to spend the night in my own house tonight.” He lifted his deep, bottomless eyes and looked at her calmly. “Is there a problem?”

Luna sucked in a cold breath. Since coming here tonight, this man had been acting so weird, as if he was trying to make her angry! She narrowed her eyes and was about to say something when Lily rushed out of the villa and into the little garden, holding a big bouquet of flowers in her arms. “Ms. Luna, someone sent you flowers.”

Luna frowned and took the bouquet of flowers. They were a bouquet of baby’s breath. The flowers that Neil once hated the most. A beautifully packaged card lay on top of the flowers.

Luna opened the card, confused. A single sentence was written on the card.

‘Have fun celebrating while you can, your nightmare is about to begin.’

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