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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1094

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1094

Luna crawled out of the puddle slowly. “I’m fine…“

She was fine, just a little exhausted.

After all, she had not eaten a single bite for more than ten hours.

Luna pulled Nigel out of the puddle, picked him up, and continued hiking down the mountain trail.

The mountain trail was wet and slippery from the rain, so Luna and Nigel fell a couple of times. With each fall, Joshua felt his heart ache.

Even Fiona, who was pressed against the ground, could feel the raw emotions passing through Joshua’s body.

Fiona saw an opportunity and decided to seize it. While Joshua was preoccupied with watching Luna and Nigel, Fiona summoned all the strength in her body and managed to release herself from Joshua’s grip.

“I’ll kill you! “ Fiona’s blood -curdling scream rang out from behind Luna.

Luna immediately paused, then turned around.

The scene before her rendered her utterly stunned, as though someone had set off a bomb inside her head.

At this moment, Fiona was holding the knife that Joshua had kicked away and engaged in a physical struggle with him. All Luna could see was the two of

them fumbling around.

Fiona’s knife pierced Joshua’s arm a few times, drawing blood that seemed to trickle everywhere.

Joshua, who was usually tall and strong, was soaked in his own blood, struggling to gain the upper hand in this fight.

Luna bit down on her lip at this sight. She knew she could not just stand by and watch.

No matter how strong Joshua was, he was no match for a person clutching a deadly weapon!

Luna bit down on her lip and placed Nigel on the ground.

“Mommy, go…“ Nigel said earnestly, watching the scene before him. “The only reason Mr. Lynch is in the situation now is that he tried to save me. Please be careful.“

Luna nodded, then turned and sprinted back toward Joshua.

Joshua and Fiona were still engaged in their struggle at the top of the mountain.

“You lied to me, didn’t you, Joshua?“ Fiona sneered as she flung the knife around, trying to stab Joshua. “ I ‘ll bring you to hell with me! Even though I can’t bring your son along, I can still bring you with me!

“You’ll never get rid of me! You’ll never be with Luna! “

Joshua’s strength had been depleted at this point. However, Fiona was weak, so he still had a fighting chance against her.

When Luna reached the mountain top, Joshua had already grabbed hold of Fiona’s wrist, bending it and causing the knife to fall on the ground with a clang.

Fiona bit down on her lip nervously.

The only weapon she had had once again been taken out of her hands, and she knew she could not overpower Joshua either, but on top of that, Luna had arrived back at the scene as well…

She could not lose. She could not fail!

She knew that Joshua would not protect her, nor would he marry her.

If she got caught, she would be sent back overseas to face punishment for the crimes she had committed! She did not want to do that!

Violet and Shaun’s deaths were due to fate. She could not take responsibility for their murders!

As soon as she thought of this, Fiona lifted her head to glance at the edge of the cliff behind Joshua.

The fight between both of them had led them toward the edge of the cliff. If either of them took even a single step, they would fall off the cliff and die.

If she and Joshua fell to their deaths together, then they would be together for the rest of eternity!

As soon as she thought of this, a glimmer of triumph flashed through Fiona’s eyes.

“Joshua Lynch, “ she whispered, lifting her head to stare at him, an evil smile playing on her lips. “Let’s go to hell together! “

With that, she summoned all of the strength in her body and lunged toward Joshua, tipping the two of them over the edge—

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