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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1084

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1084

Luna had no excuse to refuse Joshua’s offer. She let out an exhale, lowered herself down, and got onto Joshua’s back.

Lucas witnessed with his own eyes the way Joshua’s movements turned gentle as he straightened up with Luna on his back.

Joshua had never acted so gently toward anyone before, whether it was Alice or Fiona.

Carrying Luna on his back, Joshua started to make his way up the slope. He held onto Luna carefully through the few kilometers’ journey and dared not make a single misstep.

Even after Lucas, Zach, and Yuri began to grow tired, Joshua continued onward with steady footsteps.

Luna noticed that the rest had slowed down and could not stop herself from asking, “Joshua, why don’t you put me down? I can walk by myself for a bit.“

The puddles of water were shallower the closer they got to the village, so even if she walked by herself, the dirty water would not seep into her wounds.

Since Lucas and the rest were already exhausted, Joshua had to be just as tired.

“I can still go on.“ Joshua curled his lips into a smirk. Then, he quickened his pace as though trying to prove his strength.

Lucas, Zach, and Yuri saw this and had no choice but to follow suit.

The five of them soon arrived at Yellowstone Village, the place where Granny Lynch grew up.

As soon as they stepped foot in the village, they caught sight of a large bungalow at the end of the end. It was clear that this was the house where Granny Lynch used to live in.

They finally made it!

Luna leaped off Joshua’s back in excitement and immediately sprinted toward the bungalow.

Even though they did not run into Fiona on their way here, Luna guessed that Fiona had possibly taken a different route.

Besides, they had not stopped throughout the entire hike up here, so Luna was confident that Fiona could not have possibly arrived before them.

On top of that, the bungalow was quiet, without a single trace of any forced entry. Therefore, Luna was sure that she had made it before Fiona.

She even mentally prepared what she would say to the children as soon as she saw them: she would brag to them about how impressive Joshua’s SUVs were and how quickly they had rushed to the scene to save them.

However…when she entered the villa, there was no one there.

The entire house was silent and empty.

If it were not for the backpacks in the living room, which Luna recognized as Nigel and Nellie’s, she would have thought she had entered the wrong house. There were no signs of forced entry, no evidence of a struggle, nothing.

Even Granny Lynch’s phone—the same one Luna had tried to call to no avail—was placed on the coffee table.

This scene made Luna’s heart drop. If Granny Lynch had brought the children out, it was impossible that they would leave their phones behind…

Granny Lynch’s phone was here, and Nellie’s easel and Nigel’s laptop were left behind as well…

Luna bit down on her lip as a bad feeling crept across her heart.

Was she too late after all? Had Fiona arrived before her?

Joshua ordered his men to search the entire house, but they could not find anyone at all. He, too, furrowed his brows as he continued to bark orders, “ Lucas, go to the neighboring villagers and ask them if they noticed anything strange going on here.“

“Yes, Sir! “ Lucas replied obediently, then left with Zach and Yuri to interrogate the neighbors.

Luna plopped down on the sofa and placed her head in her hands somewhat helplessly. What did Fiona do to the children?

All of a sudden, Luna heard a knocking sound coming from below the sofa.

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