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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1083

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1083

Joshua fell into silence upon hearing Luna’s question.

Truth be told, the only connection between him and Fiona since the start was the bone marrow that had been placed in Nigel’s body at this point, but he did not feel like telling the truth to Luna.

He did not want Luna to think he helped Nigel in any way, and he did not want her to leave Banyan City feeling indebted to him or guilt-ridden.

He would rather she left with resentment toward him because this hatred would make her stay away from him, and she would finally be able to start a new life with the children.

“No answer for that?“ Luna sneered, then turned to look outside the window.

She already knew this would be the outcome. Joshua had never been one to face his mistakes,

whether it was six years ago or at this very moment.

The rain continued to pour outside the window, so heavy that the windshield was blurred, and it grew increasingly difficult for the SUV to travel on the road.

Every time the car circled past some fallen trees by the roadside, Luna could not help but feel anxious. She used to be terrified of this kind of weather…but at this moment, she could not care less, as long as she could find Nigel and Nellie and protect them.

After three hours, the cars arrived at the district where Granny Lynch’s hometown was. However, they stopped a few kilometers away from Granny Lynch’s villa.

“Sir, the road in front has been blocked off. The cars can’t possibly go through, so we’ll have to walk.“

Luna furrowed her brows and glanced at the direction ahead of her.

The road ahead of them was submerged with water up to calf level. In addition, there were rocks and tree branches strewn all over, so they had no choice but to continue the journey on foot.

Luna, Joshua, and the rest descended the SUVs. As soon as she got out of the car, Luna caught sight of Fiona’s car parked a short distance away.

Clearly, the road had already been blocked off when Fiona arrived, and she, too, had continued her journey on foot.

“The engine’s still warm.“ Lucas approached the car and reached out his hand to touch the side of the vehicle. “She can’t have gone far. If we increase our speed, we might be able to catch up with her.“

With that, he took out some raincoats and walking canes from inside the SUV and handed them around to everyone.

Luna watched as Zach and Yuri put on the raincoats and pulled up their pants legs, then followed suit. After putting on her raincoat, she bent down to lift her pant legs, exposing her slender, pale calves.

The bruises and wounds from the so-called physical therapy she had suffered at the mental asylum were glaringly obvious against her pale skin.

Joshua furrowed his brows at this sight. Then, he walked over, bent down, and helped lower her pants down.

Luna froze for a moment, then lifted her head to shoot him a displeased look. “What are you doing?“

Joshua glanced at her impassively. “Have you seen how dirty the rainwater is? Do you want to get an infection and lose your legs?“

Luna paused, then glanced at the puddle of water on the road, as well as the stream of water flowing continuously down the slope.

She remained silent for a moment as she contemplated this.

If the water seeped into the open wounds on her calves…then she might contract an infection and lose her legs.

However, they had no other choice except to walk into the village. If she did not go with them, she would be worried sick about Nigel and Nellie’s whereabouts!

Seeing how anxious she was, Joshua let out a sigh and put on his raincoat. After pulling up his pants legs, he strode over to Luna’s side and crouched down before her. “Get on my back.“

Luna took a step back. “I think I should— “

“You’re too slow, “ Joshua said curtly. “If you want to find Fiona quicker, then stop acting like a prissy and get on.“

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