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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1080

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1080

It felt good to savor this temporary feeling of warmth.

After God knew how long, Luna let out an exhale and said somewhat dejectedly, still wrapped in Joshua’s arms, “I want to bury them.“

Joshua nodded. “Alright. Let’s bury them as soon as the weather clears up. As for the grave…“

He narrowed his eyes before continuing, “We’ll use the one that I bought for Fiona.“

Initially, he had bought the grave plot for Fiona because he genuinely thought that she would die in a year. However, judging from what was happening, he guessed that the grave would not come into use, whether it was in a year or two.

As soon as she heard the mention of Fiona, Luna finally came to. She released herself from Joshua’s embrace and lifted her hand to wipe her tears away. “ Is Fiona still inside the ward?“

She had a feeling that Dr. Robert’s death was not a simple accident and that someone had murdered him to stop him from telling the truth.

Even if Fiona was not the mastermind of this, she had to have an accomplice!

Luna immediately let go of Joshua, strode into the elevator, and arrived at the 18th floor.

However, to her surprise, she discovered that the room Fiona was initially in was empty. Not only was Fiona missing, but the five or six bodyguards that had been standing guard on the 18th floor were gone as well.

Luna furrowed her brows in shock. Then, she turned and glanced at Joshua, who had been following behind her.

Joshua, too, was shocked by this sudden turn of events. A split second later, he took out his phone and dialed the number of the bodyguard he had talked to before leaving.

When enquired about Fiona’s whereabouts, the bodyguard answered timidly, “Ms. Blake was taken away by Young Master Nigel.“

Joshua frowned upon hearing this. “How is this possible?“

Nigel and Nellie were at the countryside villa with Granny Lynch. He had even talked to Nigel this morning, and Nigel had not mentioned anything about wanting to return to Banyan City!

Besides, even if he did change his mind and decided to return to Banyan City, how could he possibly be alone?

“But…“ the bodyguard’s voice grew even softer as he admitted, “We didn’t make a mistake at all. It was really Young Master Nigel… He told us to release Ms. Blake and claimed that he wanted to take her out to play. He even said that…if you wanted to hold someone responsible for this, you should blame him, Mr. Lynch…“

“Atrocious! “ Joshua’s voice was as cold as a block of ice. “How long has Fiona been gone?“

“More than… More than two hours now…“ More than two hours.

Joshua rubbed his brows in frustration. “You and your men, go to the butler immediately to process your termination and get out of here.“

With that, he put down his phone and lifted his head to shoot Luna a somewhat helpless glance. “Fiona has run away.“

Luna bit down on her lip.

Since Fiona had escaped from the hospital…this made her even more determined that Dr. Robert’s death had everything to do with Fiona.

After letting out a sigh, Joshua took out his phone again and ordered, “Lucas, Fiona has escaped from the hospital. Track her location and see where she went.“

Ten minutes later, Lucas returned his call and said, sounding a little anxious, “Sir, something bad has happened… Fiona has left Banyan City! According to our security cameras and GPS location, she has left Banyan City…and is heading toward the countryside! “

At this moment, Luna’s phone rang. It was a call from an unknown number.

As soon as she picked up the phone, Luna heard Fiona’s triumphant cackle ring out from the other end. “Luna, you owe me a favor, so why are you doing this to me? You won’t stop until I lose everything, including Joshua, won’t you? Alright ! Since I have no way of escaping anymore, I’m going to make Nigel pay for this. After all, if it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t be alive now anyway !

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