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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1079

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1079

Luna and Joshua waited at the scene of the accident for half an hour before the firefighters finally managed to break Dr. Robert free from his car.

By the time he was wheeled onto an ambulance, he was so weak that there were barely any signs of life.

However, as soon as he caught sight of Luna, his eyes lit up, and he lifted his head and gestured for Luna to approach him somewhat feebly.

Because of the profuse vomiting, Luna’s footsteps were a little unstable as she slowly made her way to Dr. Robert. She tilted her head sideways to listen to what he had to say.

“I ‘ve…disappointed Janice. Please help me pass on a message to her and tell her to continue living… Also, I have a copy of Fiona’s real diagnosis… I’ve kept it at the hospital abroad, where I murdered Violet and Shaun Lewis… You can ask someone to retrieve it, and the truth will surface…“

As soon as he finished his sentence, Dr. Robert rolled his eyes, and his hand fell back onto the railing of the gurney.

A few doctors shoved Luna to one side and immediately tried to resuscitate Dr. Robert.

“Patient’s respiration and pulse have diminished.“ “Patient has no signs of life.“

“Patient is clinically dead.“

After ten minutes of resuscitation, the paramedics officially declared Dr. Robert’s death.

Luna remained motionless and felt as though her body was about to float away. This was the first time she had witnessed such a serious accident and the first time she had watched someone die right in front of her.

A few hours ago, this man had furiously threatened to send her back into the mental asylum after finding Janice, yet…

All of a sudden, Luna caught sight of an ambulance belonging to the mental asylum parked at a distance.

A middle -aged woman dressed in a hospital gown staggered off the ambulance. It was Janice.

She had lost her usual air of gracefulness and tranquility and was sprinting toward Dr. Robert, sobbing.

Finally, she slumped against Dr. Robert’s limp, lifeless body and wailed in sorrow.

Rain started to pour from the sky. However, no one dared to stop Janice from crying.

She continued to sob for a very long time until finally, she took out a fruit knife from her pocket and stabbed herself in her chest before anyone could stop her—

The ambulance rushed toward the hospital, sirens blaring.

This time, the one sent into the emergency room was Janice. Luna and Joshua, too, followed the ambulance to the hospital.

After an hour of emergency surgery, Janice, too, was declared clinically dead.

Luna was so astounded to receive this news that her legs almost gave out beneath her.

In less than a few hours…she had witnessed two people die right before her eyes.

At this point, she was starting to suspect if she was doing the right thing. If she had not been so determined to seek the truth and expose Fiona’s lies

..would Dr. Robert and Janice still be alive?


Hurting people had never been her intention at all.

The only reason she was doing this was so that Aura would resurface, and she would be able to bring Neil and Theo back to her side.

Was everything…her fault?

“It’s not your fault.“ Joshua seemed to know exactly what she was thinking and let out a sigh, pulling her into his arms. “Dr. Robert’s accident was just that: an accident. Janice loved him too much to leave him alone, so she chose to go with him. None of this was your fault.“

Luna closed her eyes and immersed herself in the warmth of Joshua’s embrace. She knew that she should have pushed him away and that he had no right to be holding her like this, but…

At this moment, she was confused, helpless, and uncertain about everything.

She needed someone to rely on.

It did not matter if that person was Joshua or someone else… All she knew was that she needed a hug.

She convinced herself to pretend that he was just a stranger.

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